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Becoming the Archetype

Christian rockers bringing a progressive sound and compassionate message to full-on death metal, Atlanta-based Becoming the Archetype were founded in 1999 under the name the Remnant. After recording a self-released album as the Remnant, the group retooled its sound and re-emerged as Becoming the Archetype, a name that references Jesus Christ as the only man who lived without sin, standing as the ideal model for mankind. In late 2004, the band signed with Solid State Records, a metal-oriented subsidiary of Tooth and Nail, and the group -- Jason Wisdom on bass and vocals, Sean Cunningham and Jon Star on guitars, Seth Hecox on guitar and keyboards, and Brent Duckett on drums -- went into the studio to record their first album as Becoming the Archetype, Terminate Damnation, which was released in the summer of 2005. The band toured extensively in support of the release, though Becoming the Archetype would go through some changes before they would enter the studio again. Star left the band to pursue a career as a recording engineer in 2006, and Alex Kenis, whose band Aletheian had toured with Becoming the Archetype, was recruited to join the group; in addition to playing guitar, Kenis also sings with BTA, with his melodic vocal style contrasting with Wisdom's gruff bark. A few months later, Cunningham resigned from the group, and Becoming the Archetype opted to work as a four-piece rather than replace him. BTA's second album, The Physics of Fire, was released by Solid State in May 2007. ~ Mark Deming
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Becoming the Archetype

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Becoming the Archetype

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Becoming the Archetype

  1.   Song
  2.   O Holy Night
  3.   Denouement
  4.   Xenosynthesis: Requiem Aeternam, Pt. 3
  5.   Monolith
  6.   Nocturne
  7.   The Planet Maker
  8.   The Ocean Walker
  9.   Necrotizing Fasciitis
  10.   Elegy: Deception/Lament /Triumph
  11.   I Am
  12.   The War Ender
  13.   We Ride
  14.   Magnetic World
  15.   Breathing Liquid
  16.   The Resonant Frequency of Flesh
  17.   Music of the Spheres: Requiem Aeternam, Pt. 1
  18.   Cardiac Rebellion
  19.   Dichotomy
  20.   Deep Heaven
  21.   Artificial Immortality
  22.   Immolation
  23.   Balance Of Eternity
  24.   No Fall Too Far
  25.   Beyond Adaptation
  26.   Epoch Of War
  27.   Internal Illumination
  28.   Into Oblivion
  29.   The Eyes of the Storm
  30.   Elemental Wrath: Requiem Aeternam, Pt. 2
  31.   St. Anne's Lullaby
  32.   Second Death
  33.   Mountain of Souls
  34.   Endure
  35.   The Sky Bearer
  36.   March of the Dead
  37.   The Sun Eater
  38.   The Weapon Breaker
  39.   The Time Bender
  40.   Invisible Sitar
  41.   Reflect/Refract
  42.   Path of the Beam
  43.   Invisible Creature
  44.   Ransom
  45.   Evil Unseen
  46.   Construct And Collapse
  47.   Ex Nihilo
  48.   The Epigone
  49.   One Man Parade
  50.   Self Existent
  51.   Fire Made Flesh
  52.   How Great Thou Art
  53.   The Trivial Paroxysm
  54.   The Magnetic Sky
  55.   End of the Age
  56.   Great Fall
  57.   Space Refraction
  58.   Autopsy
  59.   Elemental Bond
  60.   Night's Sorrow
  61.   Breathing Light
  62.   The Machine Killer

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