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Bedouin Soundclash

This reggae-influenced Canadian band started in its native Kingston, Ontario -- not the traditional Jamaican reggae capital. In early 2000, bassist Eon Sinclair, drummer Pat Pengelly, and vocalist/guitarist/visual artist Jay Malinowski met at university and discovered a mutual love of dub reggae music. All musicians, the trio began performing classic reggae numbers at university. This continued for some time, and djembe player Brett Dunlop was added to create a fuller sound. In 2001, Bedouin Soundclash (who took their name from Israeli producer Badawi's 1996 album) won a battle of the bands competition at Queen's University. The group has performed in Canada and the United States, opening up for David Usher, Default, the Slackers, and Wide Mouth Mason. In late 2001 and early 2002, the band entered the studio to record its debut album (Dunlop was no longer in the lineup by this point). The album, Root Fire****, was released in April 2002. Sounding a Mosaic, which was produced by Bad Brains' Darryl Jenifer, followed two years later. ~ Jason MacNeil
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Bedouin Soundclash

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Bedouin Soundclash

Top Songs by
Bedouin Soundclash

  1.   Song
  2.   When the Night Feels My Song
  3.   12:59 Lullaby
  4.   Walls Fall Down
  5.   Mountain Top
  6.   Shelter
  7.   Elongo
  8.   Santa Monica
  9.   Mandrake Root
  10.   Dub in the Kalamegdan
  11.   Money Worries
  12.   Living in Jungles
  13.   Stand Alone
  14.   Hush
  15.   Trinco Dog
  16.   St. Andrews
  17.   12:59 Lullaby
  18.   Jealousy and the Get Free
  19.   Murder on the Midnight Wire
  20.   Rodigan State Address
  21.   Follow the Sun
  22.   Until We Burn In The Sun (the kids just want a love song)
  23.   Talking Man
  24.   Bells Of 59
  25.   Johnny Go to New York
  26.   Disgeneration
  27.   Gunships
  28.   Gunships
  29.   St. Andrews
  30.   Gyasi Went Home
  31.   Rolling Stone
  32.   Rude Boy Abroad
  33.   Bells of 59
  34.   Shadow of a Man
  35.   National Water
  36.   Criminal
  37.   Rebel Rouser
  38.   Until We Burn In The Sun (The Kids Just Want A Love Song)
  39.   Nothing to Say
  40.   Jealousy And The Get Free
  41.   Hearts in the Night
  42.   Jeb Rand
  43.   Fools Tattoo
  44.   Hearts In The Night
  45.   Midnight Rockers
  46.   Nico On The Night Train
  47.   Walls Fall Down
  48.   Hush
  49.   No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt
  50.   Rude Boy Don't Cry
  51.   Higher Ground
  52.   Trinco Dog
  53.   A Chance of Rain
  54.   Brutal Hearts
  55.   The Quick & the Dead
  56.   On My Block
  57.   Natural Right (Rude Bwoy)
  58.   Immigrant Workforce
  59.   Here I Am
  60.   Radio Palais
  61.   Midnight Rocker
  62.   Eloween Deowen
  63.   May You Be the Road
  64.   Higher Ground
  65.   Nico on the Night Train
  66.   Back to the Matter

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