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One of the major names in the world of dubstep, producer Benga was born Beni Uthman in East London. His parents eventually moved to the suburb of Croydon, where a young Benga would fiddle with his radio every night, looking for pirate radio stations and taking in all sorts of fringe music. He first began making tracks on his PlayStation game system, then graduated to digital audio workstation Fruity Loops when his parents bought him a computer. Hearing the dark work of 2-step producer Wookie inspired him to join part of the grime/garage scene that would eventually evolve into dubstep. Hanging out at the Big Apple Records store in Croydon introduced him to fellow dubstep producer Skream. When the store began its own label, Benga released his debut 12", "Skank," in late 2002. A co-production with Skream called "The Judgement" appeared on Big Apple in early 2003, and then Benga began his own label -- Benga Beats -- and released the three-track 12" Benga Beats, Vol. 1 in 2004. A couple 12"s for the Planet Mu label landed before Benga Beats released his full-length debut, Newstep, in 2006. By now radio DJs and tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs and François K were singing his praises, putting Benga in the company of dubstep's favorite, Burial. In 2007 he moved to the Tempa label and issued the singles "Crunked Up" and "Night," the latter a collaboration with Coki. Both tracks ended up on his 2008 album, Diary of an Afro Warrior. While he issued several 12" releases and mixtapes and played live for the next five years, Benga's next album didn't appear until the winter of 2013; it was appropriately titled Chapter II. ~ David Jeffries
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  1.   Song
  2.   26 Basslines
  3.   Smile
  4.   Little Bits
  5.   Stop Watching
  6.   Pour Your Love
  7.   I Will Never Change
  8.   Night by Coki
  9.   Higher by Autumn Rowe
  10.   Warzone
  11.   Baltimore Clap
  12.   One Million
  13.   Light Bulb
  14.   Night
  15.   Killers About
  16.   Break Out The System
  17.   Getting 42
  18.   Waiting by Happiness
  19.   High Speed by P-Money
  20.   Running
  21.   Chapter II to Inspire
  22.   To Hell and Back
  23.   Higher featuring Adegbenga Adejumo
  24.   There's No Soul
  25.   Choose 1
  26.   Forefather
  27.   Click and Tap
  28.   Yellow
  29.   Open Your Eyes
  30.   One
  31.   Transformers
  32.   Night
  33.   The Future
  34.   Rock Music
  35.   Eyetunes
  36.   Descending
  37.   808
  38.   Pleasure
  39.   The Cut
  40.   Crunked Up
  41.   Someone 20
  42.   Roller
  43.   Comb 60's
  44.   We're Coming Out
  45.   Waiting featuring Adegbenga Adejumo
  46.   High Speed featuring Adegbenga Adejumo
  47.   Two
  48.   Electro West
  49.   On The Edge
  50.   I Come from London
  51.   The Chant
  52.   Buzzin'
  53.   Better
  54.   Benga's Off His Head
  55.   3 Minutes
  56.   E Trips
  57.   B4 the Dual
  58.   Zero M2
  59.   Chemical Compound
  60.   Katy on a Mission
  61.   Don't Wanna
  62.   Loose Synths
  63.   Broken Dubstep
  64.   Your Band (Descending)
  65.   Go Tell Them

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