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The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes raise immediate comparisons to the Arcade Fire, but those are primarily due to accidents of geography and band chemistry: like the Arcade Fire, the Besnard Lakes are from Montreal and led by a married couple. That's largely where the similarities end, because if this Quebecois collective resembles any of its Canadian counterparts, it would be as an unexpectedly effective combination of the Dears' psychedelic pop hooks and the languid space rock ambience of early Broken Social Scene. The aforementioned married couple, singer and guitarist Jace Lasek and singer and bassist Olga Goreas, formed the Besnard Lakes in 2001 as a sideline to Lasek's day job as an in-demand producer at the Montreal recording studio he and Goreas own, Breakglass Studios. (Lasek has produced and engineered records by Wolf Parade, the Dears, Stars, and many other Canadian indie acts.) The band was originally a full-time project, but before it could record its debut album, the other members of the band left. Undaunted, Lasek and Goreas recorded nearly all of 2003's Besnard Lakes, Vol.1 on their own during down time at the studio, then self-released the result. Following the album's glowing reviews, a touring lineup eventually solidified with guitarists Steve Raegele and Jeremiah Bullied, and drummer Kevin Laing. During sessions for the band's second album, Bullied was replaced by Richard White and keyboardist and arranger Nicole Lizée joined the band. Signing to the venerable dream pop indie label Jagjaguwar, the Besnard Lakes released their second album, The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, in February 2007 and followed it up with The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night in March 2010. 2011 saw the band embark on a couple of different soundtracking projects, including the recording of music for both Mark Ruffalo's Sympathy for Delicious and a multimedia documentary entitled Welcome to Pine Point. During that same year, they began sessions for what would eventually become 2013's Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, which was longlisted for that year's prestigious Polaris Music Prize. A Coliseum Complex Museum, the group's sixth studio long-player, followed in early 2016, with an EP, The Besnard Lakes Are the Divine Wind, arriving in early 2017. ~ Stewart Mason
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The Besnard Lakes

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The Besnard Lakes

Top Songs by
The Besnard Lakes

  1.   Song
  2.   Albatross
  3.   Golden Lion
  4.   Disaster
  5.   Chicago Train
  6.   Colour Yr Lights In
  7.   Because Tonight
  8.   Pressure of Our Plans
  9.   Skyscraper Girls
  10.   At Midnight
  11.   We're Here For a Good Time (Not a Long Time)
  12.   For Agent 13
  13.   Land of Living Skies, Pt. 2: The Living Skies
  14.   Towers Sent Her to Sheets of Sound
  15.   Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent, Pt. 1: The Ocean
  16.   Casino Nanaimo
  17.   Nightingale
  18.   Light Up the Night
  19.   Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent, Pt. 2: The Innocent
  20.   Cedric's War
  21.   Catalina
  22.   And You Lied to Me
  23.   The Lonely Moan
  24.   For Spy Turned Musician
  25.   This Thing
  26.   And This is What We Call Progress
  27.   You've Got to Want to Be a Star
  28.   The Specter
  29.   Life Rarely Begins with Tungsten Film #1
  30.   Necronomicon
  31.   The Plain Moon
  32.   The Divine Wind
  33.   Thomasina
  34.   The Bray Road Beast
  35.   Deep, Desultory Dream
  36.   Devastation
  37.   Four Long Lines
  38.   Rides the Rails
  39.   The Motorway
  40.   Some Colour In the Sky
  41.   The Corner
  42.   Tungsten 4: The Refugee
  43.   Holiday Sin
  44.   Alamogordo
  45.   46 Satires
  46.   And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold
  47.   People of the Sticks
  48.   On Bedford and Grand
  49.   Glass Printer
  50.   Laura Lee
  51.   Land of Living Skies, Pt. 1: The Land
  52.   In the Forest

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