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Bibio is the folk-meets-electronica project of self-taught producer/multi-instrumentalist Stephen Wilkinson, from England's Black Country (aka the West Midlands). As a student of sonic arts at London's Middlesex University, Wilkinson was first inspired by '90s electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and especially Boards of Canada, but became equally intrigued by mid-20th century British folk. He combined these sounds in his own music, along with found sounds and field recordings, for a unique mix of organic and synthetic atmospheres. Boards of Canada's Marcus Eoin handed Wilkinson's demos to Mush Records, which released Bibio's debut album, Fi, in 2004, and its more song-based follow-up, Hand Cranked, two years later. Wilkinson also released the limited-edition Sheila Sets Sail/Tribio on the Artist's Valley imprint, part of a collective Wilkinson has with producers Andy Harber and Richard Roberts. The Ovals and Emeralds EP, which featured organ instead of Bibio's usual acoustic guitars, arrived in 2008; Vignetting the Compost followed in 2009. That summer, Bibio moved to Warp for the eclectic Ambivalence Avenue, followed several months later by the release of a remix-heavy album, The Apple and the Tooth. For 2011's Mind Bokeh -- named after the term for the blurry area in a photograph -- Wilkinson moved further away from folktronica and deeper into the meticulously sampled electro/hip-hop direction he began on Ambivalence Avenue. For Bibio's sixth album, 2013's Silver Wilkinson, he balanced the pastoral leanings of his earlier work with a more experimental electronic bent. The Green EP, which featured Silver Wilkinson's "Dye the Water Green" along with several older, previously unreleased tracks, arrived in early 2014. That year, Bibio's original score for the Jason Reitman film Men, Women & Children was also released. On 2016's Mineral Love, Wilkinson dug deeper into his flair for nostalgia, taking inspiration from sources as diverse as TV show themes from the '70s and '80s, and '90s dance music. Though the album's sounds seemed sampled, Mineral Love consisted of entirely new recordings by Wilkinson and collaborators including Gotye and Wax Stag. In 2017, Wilkinson issued Beyond Serious, a summery EP that was inspired by mid- to late-'90s French house music. ~ Heather Phares
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  1.   Song
  2.   A Tout a L'heure
  3.   Beyond My Eyes
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  5.   Lovers' Carvings
  6.   Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
  7.   Anything New
  8.   Artists' Valley
  9.   Cluster at CWM Einion
  10.   More Excuses
  11.   The Cranking House
  12.   Woodington
  13.   Wet Flakey Bark
  14.   Preen Your Own Wings
  15.   Poplar Avenue
  16.   C'est la Vie
  17.   Bewley in Grey
  18.   Wren Tails
  19.   Marram
  20.   Carbon Wulf
  21.   All the Flowers by Erol Alkan
  22.   Petrichor
  23.   Heath Town
  24.   With the Thought of Us
  25.   Quantock
  26.   Above the Rooftops
  27.   Teleidophonic Torch
  28.   Jealous of Roses
  29.   Steal the Lamp
  30.   London Planes
  32.   Turn It All Down
  33.   This Ain't 'Bout the Feelings
  34.   Make Up
  35.   Raxeira
  36.   Take Off Your Shirt
  37.   K Is For Kelson
  38.   Excuses
  39.   Rotten Rudd
  40.   The Palm of Your Wave
  41.   Sugarette
  42.   S'vive
  43.   Fire Ant
  44.   Dwrcan
  45.   Ambivalence Avenue
  46.   Bewley in Red
  47.   Cantaloup Carousel
  48.   Looking Through the Facets of a Plastic Jewel
  49.   Cry! Baby!
  50.   Town & Country
  51.   I'm Rewinding It…
  52.   The First Daffodils
  53.   Wake Up!
  54.   Fix This Thang
  55.   Cherry Blossom Road
  56.   Black Country Blue
  57.   Lakeside
  58.   A Thousand Syllables
  59.   Aberriw
  60.   Dinghy
  61.   The Spinney View of Hinkley Point
  62.   Down to the Sound
  63.   At the Chase
  64.   Bewley in White
  65.   It Was Willow
  66.   DYFI
  67.   Snowbow
  68.   Gasoline & Mirrors
  69.   Light Sleep
  70.   Buried Matchbox
  71.   Don't Summarise My Summer Eyes
  72.   Why So Serious?
  73.   Overgrown
  74.   Autumn Struck
  75.   Saint Christopher
  76.   Dye the Water Green
  77.   Ffwrnais
  78.   A Mineral Love
  79.   Light Up the Sky
  80.   Puddled in the Morning
  81.   Cherry Go Round
  82.   Abrasion
  83.   The Way You Talk
  84.   Petals
  85.   Bones & Skull
  86.   Stress Me Out
  87.   Pretentious
  88.   Zoopraxiphone
  89.   Mind Bokeh
  90.   The Apple and the Tooth
  91.   Feminine Eye
  92.   Saint Thomas
  93.   Maroon Lagoon
  94.   Puffer
  95.   Night Falls