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Big Deal

Crafting wide-eyed, often heartbroken songs that borrow from folk, grunge, and dream pop, Big Deal is the project of native Californian Kacey Underwood and North Londoner Alice Costelloe. They were each playing in different bands when Costelloe's mother, who worked at the school where Underwood was teaching music, suggested that the pair play together. After releasing a handful of singles, the duo's intimate debut, Lights Out, arrived on Mute in 2011. Costelloe and Underwood drafted a pair of friends to make Big Deal a quartet for their second album. Produced by Rory Attwell, 2013's June Gloom borrowed from the noisy and dreamy sides of '90s rock. While making their third album, the self-funded Say Yes, the band parted ways with Mute and had to start from scratch when the laptop containing their demos was stolen. Recorded in ten days, Say Yes was released in June 2016 on Fat Cat. ~ Heather Phares
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Big Deal

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Big Deal

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Big Deal

  1.   Song
  2.   Chair
  3.   Dream Machines
  4.   Locked Up
  5.   Always Boys
  6.   Veronica
  7.   Teradactol
  8.   Talk
  9.   Close Your Eyes
  10.   Little Dipper
  11.   Pi
  12.   Pristine
  13.   Golden Light
  14.   Swoon
  15.   Idyllwild
  16.   Avalanche
  17.   Don't Forget
  18.   Distant Neighborhood
  19.   Wrong This Time
  20.   I Hate You
  21.   Intro
  22.   Still My Dream
  23.   Lux
  24.   Saccharine
  25.   Hold Your Fire
  26.   Say Yes
  27.   Sakura
  28.   Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
  29.   Catch Up
  30.   Call and I'll Come
  31.   In Your Car
  32.   Swapping Spit
  33.   Mai Joy
  34.   Buzz Money
  35.   Visions
  36.   Seraphine
  37.   Homework
  38.   Look Upto
  39.   One Kid
  40.   Kitty Pride
  41.   V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
  42.   PG
  43.   Pillow
  44.   13
  45.   With the World At My Feet
  46.   Summer Cold
  47.   One Dream
  48.   Cool Like Kurt
  49.   Figure It Out
  50.   Not Chinese

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