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Big K.R.I.T.

Recalling the Dirty South sound of UGK and Scarface, Mississippi rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T. spent five years on the mixtape circuit honing his skills before his 2010 release took his career to another level. The release was the mixtape K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, a groundbreaking critical success that had bloggers declaring the South's future. It was a commercial success as well, generating enough downloads and "likes" that the Def Jam label took notice, signing the artist that same year. It was also the year K.R.I.T. -- which stands for "King Remembered in Time" -- appeared on Curren$y's Top 40 debut, Pilot Talk, along with Wiz Khalifa's hit mixtape Kush & Orange Juice. His 2011 release, Return of 4eva, was extravagant by mixtape standards, with elaborate cover art and guest appearances from Chamillionaire, Raheem DeVaughn, and David Banner, along with challenging titles like "Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism." A track on R&B singer Chris Brown's 2011 mixtape, Boy in Detention, indicated that his commercial aspirations were still there as well, although the guest list for his 2012 debut, Live from the Underground, would be a mix of true hip-hop (Eightball & MJG, Devin the Dude, and Bun B) and truly surprising (B.B. King, Anthony Hamilton). The surprises continued on his 2014 album, Cadillactica, which took on more left-field genres and heavier topics. A year later he released the It's Better This Way mixtape while the RBC label rounded up some of his early recordings for All My Life. ~ David Jeffries
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Big K.R.I.T.

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Big K.R.I.T.

  1.   Song
  2.   I Got This
  3.   Cadillactica
  4.   Soul Food
  5.   King of the South
  6.   What U Mean
  7.   Free Agent
  8.   Praying Man
  9.   Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism
  10.   Money on the Floor
  11.   Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  12.   Country Sh*t featuring Bun B
  13.   Mind Control featuring E-40
  14.   Highs & Lows
  15.   Party Tonight
  16.   Shakem Off
  17.   Lost Generation
  18.   Time Machine
  19.   Dreamin
  20.   Its Better This Way
  21.   Mt. Olympus (Reprise)
  22.   Mo Better Cool featuring Big Sant
  23.   Pull Up
  24.   The Vent
  25.   Rotation
  26.   My Sub
  27.   86
  28.   Free My Soul
  29.   Here We Go
  30.   Playa
  31.   Lac Lac by A$AP Ferg
  32.   Man on Fire
  33.   Kings Blues
  34.   American Rapstar
  35.   Keep It Boomin
  36.   Got Me Thru
  37.   Third Eye
  38.   Do You Love Me by Mara Hruby
  39.   My Sub, Pt. 3 (Big Bang)
  40.   Life
  41.   If I Fall
  42.   Hydroplaning
  43.   My Sub, Pt. 2 (The Jackin')
  44.   Red Eye
  45.   R4 Theme Song
  46.   Players Ballad by Raheem DeVaughn
  47.   Lions & Lambs
  48.   Amtrak
  49.   Intro
  50.   Cant Be Stll
  51.   In The Darkness
  52.   How Bout That Money
  53.   No Static
  54.   Saturdays = Celebration
  55.   Angels
  56.   Kreation (Intro)
  57.   Parked outside
  58.   Porchlight
  59.   Don't Let Me Down
  60.   Insomnia
  61.   Sideline
  62.   Boobie Miles
  63.   Yoko
  64.   Moon & Stars
  65.   Sookie Now
  66.   R4 Intro
  67.   Get Right
  68.   Made Alot by Big Sant
  69.   King Pt. 4
  70.   Standby (Interlude)
  71.   Pay Attention
  72.   Yeah Dats Me
  73.   Cool 2 Be Southern
  74.   Live From the Underground
  75.   LFU300MA (Intro)
  76.   Rise & Shine
  77.   Vanilla Sky
  78.   Piece On Chain
  79.   Shake It
  80.   That Part
  81.   Country Niggas Anonymous
  82.   Lock Jaw
  83.   Hype
  84.   4PM @ the Kappa
  85.   Rambo
  86.   Flying Lotus
  87.   No Chance
  88.   Wicked Wicked
  89.   SKRT SKRT
  90.   Other Side of the Game
  91.   Real Easy