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Canadian punk revival quartet Billy Talent formed in 1999 while the members of the Streetsville, Ontario band were still in high school. Originally known as Pezz, the quartet -- vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D'Sa, bassist Jon Gallant, and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk -- had adopted a new moniker and were making their way in Toronto with the self-released Watoosh! LP under their belt. The Try Honesty EP followed in 2001; it led to strong local buzz, exposure supporting larger touring acts, and an eventual demo deal with EMI. The band entered the studio in early 2003 with producer Gavin Brown and emerged with its eponymous debut in July, which was slated for a September release on Atlantic. The group got the word out during that summer with a slot on Lollapalooza and a series of dates with the Buzzcocks. Before they knew it, Billy Talent had not only garnered an impressive following, but also a slew of Juno (Best New Group, Group of the Year, and Album of the Year) and MuchMusic (Best Video, Best Rock Video) awards to their name. The band hit the studio in February 2005 to begin work on its sophomore offering. Submitting to fan requests, the group re-released Pezz's Watoosh! that September before the highly anticipated and explosive II appeared in June 2006. A handful of festivals and U.K. dates were played prior to spending the rest of the summer on the Warped Tour, and in 2007, they preserved a live performance in Düsseldorf, Germany on CD and DVD with 666 Live. Two years later, the band released its third studio album, the aptly titled Billy III. The album found the quartet incorporating some classic hard rock sounds into its punk approach. In 2012, they released the album Dead Silence. Although it still retained the band's punk urgency, Billy Talent hailed the recording as a kind of conceptual break from their previous trilogy of albums, and several of its singles -- like "Viking Death March" -- were rewarded with Juno nominations. Following the release of the 2014 Hits anthology -- which featured a pair of new songs -- the band regrouped and began to prepare material for its fifth studio album. Just prior to entering the studio, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk made the difficult decision to sit out the recording sessions while he continued his longstanding battle with multiple sclerosis. Fellow Canadian Jordan Hastings (Alexisonfire) was quickly recruited to play as Solowoniuk's studio stand-in, and in early 2016 the group completed work on Afraid of Heights, which was released that July. ~ Johnny Loftus
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Billy Talent

  1.   Song
  2.   Try Honesty
  3.   Diamond on a Landmine
  4.   Surprise Surprise
  5.   River Below
  6.   Afraid of Heights
  7.   Red Flag
  8.   Kingdom of Zod
  9.   Fallen Leaves
  10.   Devil in a Midnight Mass
  11.   Rusted from the Rain
  12.   Saint Veronika
  13.   Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats
  14.   Time-Bomb Ticking Away
  15.   The Crutch
  16.   Big Red Gun
  17.   Devil on My Shoulder
  18.   Louder Than the DJ
  19.   The Ex
  20.   Nothing to Lose
  21.   Prisoners of Today
  22.   Viking Death March
  23.   This Suffering
  24.   This Is How It Goes
  25.   Living in the Shadows
  26.   Line & Sinker
  27.   Lies
  28.   Worker Bees
  29.   Pins and Needles
  30.   Standing in the Rain
  31.   The Dead Can't Testify
  32.   Surrender
  33.   Voices of Violence
  34.   Cut the Curtains
  35.   Show Me the Way
  36.   Love Was Still Around
  37.   Cold Turkey
  38.   Turn Your Back w/ Anti-Flag
  39.   Sympathy
  40.   Where Is the Line?
  41.   Horses & Chariots
  42.   Don't Count on the Wicked
  43.   Stand Up and Run
  44.   Runnin' Across the Tracks
  45.   Turn Your Back
  46.   Pocketful of Dreams
  47.   White Sparrows
  48.   Tears into Wine
  49.   Burn the Evidence
  50.   The Navy Song
  51.   Covered in Cowardice
  52.   Perfect World
  53.   February Winds
  54.   This Is Our War
  55.   Leave Them All Behind
  56.   Rabbit Down the Hole
  57.   Cure for the Enemy
  58.   Hanging by a Thread
  59.   Man Alive!
  60.   Crooked Minds
  61.   Lonely Road to Absolution
  62.   Definition of Destiny
  63.   Sudden Movements
  64.   Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)
  65.   Swallowed Up by the Ocean
  66.   Chasing the Sun
  67.   Dead Silence
  68.   Devil On the Shoulder
  69.   Scandalous Travelers
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  73.   Live Acoustic Sets: Standing in the Rain/Lies/Try Honesty
  74.   Actual Crowd Surfing
  75.   Try Honest
  76.   Try Honestly
  77.   666
  78.   Beach Balls
  79.   In the Fall
  80.   Living the Shadows
  81.   When I Was a Little Girl
  82.   Guitar Villain
  83.   Perefect World
  84.   Bloody Nails + Broken Hearts
  85.   Don't Need To Pretend