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Part of Detroit's demented rap school along with Eminem, Esham, and a host of others, Bizarre is a cross between a twisted Biz Markie and a cast member of Night of the Living Dead, favoring warped horror-core and devilish themes in his music. His debut EP, Attack of the Weirdoes, received some notoriety in 1998, enough to land him a guest spot on Eminem's highly successful Marshall Mathers LP in 2000. Subsequently, Eminem inked Bizarre to a deal on his own record label. Bizarre joined Eminem's band D12 and appeared on their albums Devil's Night (2001) and D12 World (2004). In 2005 he broke out on his own with the solo album Hannicap Circus. Numerous tracks with fellow Detroit rapper King Gordy appeared on Bizarre's 2007 release Blue Cheese 'N' Coney Island. ~ Michael Di Bella
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  1.   Song
  2.   School Teacher by Kid Jinx
  3.   Some Days by Lil' Will
  4.   One Chance
  5.   Animal
  6.   Intro
  7.   I Love The Babies
  8.   Get This Money
  9.   I'm in Luv Withchu
  10.   I Need a Friend
  11.   The Big Black
  12.   Here We Go (Off Da Chain)
  13.   What What w/Konartis & Kuniva of D12
  14.   Pray For Me
  15.   Love Bizarre
  16.   Warning featuring Anamul House
  17.   Smoking Crack
  18.   Believer featuring Nate Walka
  19.   Da Fat Boy Dance
  20.   She's Homeless
  21.   Got This Addiction
  22.   Doctor Doctor
  23.   Bad Day
  24.   Crush on You
  25.   Gospel Weed Song
  26.   Trife Thieves w/Fuzz & Eminem
  27.   Nuthin' at All by D12
  28.   Rap Guys
  29.   The Fan (Skit)
  30.   Down This Road by Yelawolf
  31.   Juggalo
  32.   Wicked
  33.   Fat Boy
  34.   G-14
  35.   Cakin
  36.   Start a Mosh Pit
  37.   Welcome 2 the D
  38.   Sex Tape
  39.   So Hard
  40.   Knock 'Em Out
  41.   Rock Out
  42.   Hip Hop by Eminem
  43.   I'm So Cool
  44.   Ghetto Music
  45.   Fat Father (Skit)
  46.   F*** Your Life by Sindee Syringe
  47.   Over React
  48.   Butterfly w/Jaydee
  49.   Jerry Springer by King Gordy
  50.   The Party
  51.   Wild Like Us by King Gordy
  52.   Whatcha Smokin On by King Gordy
  53.   Emotions by Monica Blaire
  54.   Wicked
  55.   Fat Boy
  56.   Let the Record Skip
  57.   Rockstar
  58.   How I Hustle
  59.   Friday Night At St. Andrews (Intro)
  60.   You Gotta Believe by Monica Blaire
  61.   Get the Dick -Raw Mix w/Outsidaz, Young Zee, Pace Won, Aziz, & Ya
  62.   Da Fat Boy Dance
  63.   Rap's Finest
  64.   Porno Bitches
  65.   Coming Home featuring Kuniva
  66.   Down Low
  67.   Party Tonight
  68.   Life Styles (Skit)
  69.   How I Hustle
  70.   Public Service Announcement (Skit)
  71.   Rock It Out by King Gordy
  72.   No Rubber
  73.   Proud to Be American
  74.   I'*** Your Life
  75.   Scooby Doo
  76.   Hey Ladie
  77.   Butterfly
  78.   Get the Dick featuring Aziz
  79.   Trife Thieves featuring Eminem
  80.   What What by Da Brigade
  81.   Can't Get Enough featuring Big Dame
  82.   Pu$$y by Fione Simone
  83.   Fuck Your Life