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Black Cobra

After logging several years of experience with sludge metal icons Cavity and doom prognosticators Acid King, among other bands, New York-based vocalist and guitarist Jason Landrian and L.A.-based drummer Rafael Martinez began working in 2001 on a new project that would ultimately become known as Black Cobra. An eponymous EP eventually saw the light of day in 2004, followed by the full-length Bestial in 2006 and mini-album Feather and Stone in 2007, by which time the duo had developed into a vicious, super-distorted heavy metal machine reminiscent of Mastodon and High on Fire. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Black Cobra

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Black Cobra

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Black Cobra

  1.   Song
  2.   Chronosphere
  3.   Obsolete
  4.   Five Daggers
  5.   Omniscient
  6.   The Messenger
  7.   Nefarian Triangle
  8.   Sombra De Bestia
  9.   Glacies en Spiritu
  10.   One Nine
  11.   Avalanche
  12.   Below the Cusp
  13.   Eye Among the Blind
  14.   Kay-Dur-Twenty
  15.   Somnae Tenebrae
  16.   Beneath
  17.   Ascension
  18.   Catalyst
  19.   Abyss
  20.   Obliteration
  21.   Sugar Water
  22.   Machine
  23.   Beyond
  24.   Challenger Deep
  25.   Fathoms Below
  26.   Zero Point Field
  27.   Red Tide
  28.   The Cry Of Melora
  29.   El Doce De Octubre
  30.   Dragon & Phoenix
  31.   Sentinel (Infinite Observer)
  32.   The Crimson Blade
  33.   Thanos
  34.   Corrosion Fields
  35.   Imperium Simulacra
  36.   Erebus Dawn
  37.   Broken On The Wheel
  38.   Technical Demise
  39.   Thrown From Great Heights
  40.   Negative Reversal
  41.   El Equis
  42.   Swords For Teeth
  43.   The Saphire Falcon
  44.   Storm Shadow
  45.   Dark Shine
  46.   Lightning in His Hand

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