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Black Light Burns

Guitarist Wes Borland will perhaps forever be best known as a member of one of the more predictable/one-dimensional (yet quite popular) hard rock bands of the late '90s and early 21st century -- Limp Bizkit. But upon his second exit from the band (shortly after the release of 2005's lukewarm The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1), Borland looked for his next project to be more musically varied, quirky, and unpredictable. No stranger to oddball side projects (just check out the one-and-only release by Bigdumbface, Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!, for the proof), Borland also sought something a bit more permanent, which led to the formation of Black Light Burns. While some of the material had been demoed years earlier, it wasn't until Borland decided that he was going to pull double duty as the band's lead vocalist -- and the enlistment of former Nine Inch Nails member Danny Lohner -- that the project came to life. With Lohner supplying bass, Joshua Eustis playing keyboards, and studio vet Josh Freese keeping the beat, Black Light Burns recorded what was to become the group's debut full-length, 2007's Cruel Melody (the first release for former Limp Bizkit producer Ross Robinson's new label, I Am: Wolfpack). But with none of the other contributors willing to commit to touring in support of the album, Borland enlisted the aid of a whole new supporting cast for the road -- including second guitarist Nick Annis, bassist Sean Fetterman, and drummer Marshall Kilpatric (the latter of whom is a former member of the Esoteric). The group's second studio album, The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall, arrived in 2012. ~ Greg Prato
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Black Light Burns

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Black Light Burns

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Black Light Burns

  1.   Song
  2.   Lie
  3.   Stop a Bullet
  4.   The Thief
  5.   Splayed
  6.   Torch From The Sky
  7.   Zargon Marfoauf
  8.   Drowning Together, Dying Alone
  9.   The Art of Self Defense
  10.   Forkboy
  11.   One of Yours
  12.   4 Walls
  13.   Hungry Like the Wolf
  14.   The Girl In Black
  15.   I Have a Need
  16.   My Love Is Coming for You
  17.   The Dancers
  18.   The Hate of My Life
  19.   The Opportunists
  20.   It's Good to Be Gold
  21.   Burn The World
  22.   Your Head Will Be Rotting On A Spike
  23.   I Want You To
  24.   Vennisoun
  25.   Failing
  26.   Blood Red Head on Fire
  27.   The Mark
  28.   Cruel Melody
  29.   Coward
  30.   Animal
  31.   Mesopotamia
  32.   Iodine Sky
  33.   I Am Where It Takes Me
  34.   New Hunger
  35.   Scream Hallelujah
  36.   Because Of You
  37.   Grinning Like A Slit
  38.   I Am the Sun
  39.   The Master
  40.   Rid of Me
  41.   Zlitchufdux
  42.   The City
  43.   Lucretia My Reflection
  44.   The Parasite
  45.   The Alchemist
  46.   Bakelite
  47.   Tiger By The Tail
  48.   We Light Up
  49.   How To Look Naked
  50.   It Rapes All in its Path
  51.   Ribbons
  52.   Giving in Again
  53.   On the Bound
  54.   Search & Destroy
  55.   So Alive

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