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Black Mountain

Drawing on blues, psychedelia, acid rock, Led Zeppelin, and the Velvet Underground, Black Mountain's sound was a cross between the darkness and grit of the Warlocks and Brian Jonestown Massacre's trippiness, with a folkie undertow weaving through it all. Black Mountain leader Stephen McBean previously fronted the semi-acoustic cowpunk band Jerk with a Bomb, but after releasing two albums, he reshaped the Vancouver-area band into a group called Black Mountain. After debuting in October 2004 on Jagjaguwar with the 12" Druganaut, Black Mountain stayed with the label for an eponymous full-length, issued the following January. Joining McBean for the album were local players Matthew Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt, Joshua Wells, and Amber Webber, listed collectively to preserve the band's communal ethic. (Black Mountain ran concurrent to and intermingled with McBean's other band, lo-fi classic rockers Pink Mountaintops.) The debut album earned enthusiastic reviews in the music press, and Coldplay tapped Black Mountain to open for them on an arena tour. In January 2008, Black Mountain released their sophomore album, In the Future, and showed off their willingness to explore proggy (and druggy) territory with the 17-minute opus "Bright Lights." The group's third full-length album, Wilderness Heart, arrived in 2010, and earned the group the Polaris Prize, one of the highest honors in Canadian music. In 2012, Black Mountain released their soundtrack to the film Year Zero, an ambitious documentary about surfing set against a dystopian, post-apocalyptic backdrop. In 2015, the self-titled debut album was reissued in a special expanded edition for its tenth anniversary, and the following year, Black Mountain issued their fourth proper album, IV, which was produced by Randall Dunn, best known for his work with Sunn O))). IV also featured Arjan Miranda on bass, replacing Matthew Camirand in the lineup. The band followed up on the album's release with an extensive international concert tour. ~ Johnny Loftus
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Black Mountain

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Black Mountain

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Black Mountain

  1.   Song
  2.   Stormy High
  3.   Old Fangs
  4.   Mothers of the Sun
  5.   Modern Music
  6.   Faulty Times
  7.   Wilderness Heart
  8.   Bastards of Light
  9.   The Way to Gone
  10.   Constellations
  11.   Let Spirits Ride
  12.   Breathe
  13.   Druganaut
  14.   Line Them All Up
  15.   The Hair Song
  16.   Night Walks
  17.   Wild Wind
  18.   Evil Ways
  19.   Wucan
  20.   Stay Free
  21.   The End of the Beginning
  22.   Florian Saucer Attack
  23.   (Over and Over) The Chain
  24.   Set Us Free
  25.   Radiant Hearts
  26.   Buffalo Swan
  27.   Don't Run Our Hearts Around
  28.   Cemetery Breeding
  29.   It Wasn't Arson
  30.   Mary Lou
  31.   Phosphorescent Waves
  32.   Sadie
  33.   Bright Lights
  34.   Tyrants
  35.   Voices
  36.   Behind the Fall
  37.   No Satisfaction
  38.   Angels
  39.   Buried by the Blues
  40.   Space to Bakersfield
  41.   The Space of Your Mind
  42.   In the Drones
  43.   Thirteen Walls
  44.   No Hits
  45.   In Sequence
  46.   Defector
  47.   Queens Will Play
  48.   Embrace Euphoria
  49.   Rollercoaster
  50.   Heart of Snow
  51.   You Can Dream
  52.   Black Mountain
  53.   Bicycle Man
  54.   Crucify Me

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