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Black Francis

Black Francis is the stage name contrived by and for Charles Thompson during his residency in college rock band the Pixies, a period that ran from the group's formation in Boston during 1986 until the dark day in 1993 when Black Francis announced during a BBC radio interview that the group was disbanding. The other members of the Pixies such as Kim Deal were not yet wise to this, finding out a tad bit later when their now former associate faxed them a transcription of relevant parts of the radio show. Thompson's next show business identity was as Frank Black, often in the bandleading context of Frank Black and the Catholics. Publishing bean counters can watch for songwriting credits under both pseudonyms as well as under Charles Thompson; in the latter case he should not be confused with the famed classic jazz keyboardist whose works were recorded by Charlie Parker and many others. Thompson released many albums under his Frank Black moniker, but returned to the Black Francis name for 2007's Bluefinger, which was a concept album about the life and death of Dutch painter/punk rocker Herman Brood and featured some of Black's most ferocious rock in years. Still working under his Black Francis moniker, Black released the sexually charged NonStopErotik in 2010. Abbabubba, a B-sides and demos collection, arrived in 2011 along with The Golem, Francis' score for the 1920 silent film of the same name. ~ Eugene Chadbourne
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Black Francis

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Black Francis

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Black Francis

  1.   Song
  2.   All Around the World
  3.   Captain Pasty
  4.   Miriam and Florian Theme
  5.   When I Go Down on You
  6.   You're Gonna Pay
  7.   Wild Son
  8.   Threshold Apprehension
  9.   That Burnt Out Rock and Roll
  10.   Band Intro
  11.   She Took All the Money
  12.   Discotheque 36
  13.   Talking
  14.   The Water
  15.   The Obedient Servant
  16.   The Maharal
  17.   The Flower Song
  18.   Serious Curious
  19.   Get Away Oil
  20.   Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)
  21.   (Oh How I Wish I Could) Stay
  22.   O My Tidy Sum
  23.   Lake of Sin
  24.   Dead Man's Curve
  25.   The Seus
  26.   Polly's Into Me
  27.   She Took All The Money
  28.   You Can't Break A Heart And Have It
  29.   Discotheque 36
  30.   Tight Black Rubber
  31.   Ghost Coming
  32.   Stars
  33.   Virginia Reel
  34.   Rabbits
  35.   Your Mouth Into Mine
  36.   Miriam and Florian
  37.   Meet Me at the Ghetto Gates
  38.   Polly's into Me
  39.   The Cover of the Rolling Stone by Joey Santiago
  40.   Tight Black Rubber
  41.   The Conjuring
  42.   Makanujo
  43.   Lolita
  44.   The Word (Reprise)
  45.   Bluefinger
  46.   Can't Break a Heart and Have It
  47.   Captain Pasty
  48.   Test Pilot Blues
  49.   Gyaneshwar
  50.   Test Pilot Blues
  51.   Nonstoperotik
  52.   Your Mouth Into Mine
  53.   Corrina
  54.   Angels Come To Comfort You
  55.   Astaroth
  56.   Bluefinger
  57.   Six Legged Man
  58.   Cinema Star
  59.   Lolita
  60.   Bad News
  61.   Il Cuchaiao
  62.   Little Stars Theme
  63.   Abbabubba
  64.   Svn Fngrs
  65.   Custom All the Way
  66.   Wheels
  67.   Angels Come to Comfort You
  68.   Alabaster

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