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Black Rob

Bad Boy Records rapper Black Rob began his recording career appearing on albums like the Cru's Da Dirty 30 and collaborating with artists like L.O.X., Busta Rhymes, Lil' Kim, and Total before releasing his first album, Life Story, in early 2000. The debut featured the hit single "Whoa!" and appearances from L.O.X., Cheryl Riley, the Goodie Mob's Cee-Lo, and Carl Thomas. Though the album went platinum, it wasn't until late 2004 that new Black Rob material appeared, most premiered on mixtapes by DJ Kayslay. In 2005, the proper follow-up, The Black Rob Report, was released on Bad Boy. He served several years in prison and returned with Game Tested Streets Approved on the Duck Down label. Life Story 2 followed in 2013, the same year he co-starred in the reality television series Comeback Kings. ~ Heather Phares
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Black Rob

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Black Rob

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Black Rob

  1.   Song
  2.   Whoa!
  3.   Celebration
  4.   Y'all Know Who Killed Him
  5.   Woah!
  6.   I Dare You
  7.   They Heard I Got Life
  8.   I Love You Baby
  9.   Thug Story
  10.   Life Story
  11.   Warrior
  12.   Espacio
  13.   Need That Real Ish featuring Sean Price
  14.   Spanidh Fly
  15.   Lights Out (Interlude)
  16.   Pd World Tour featuring Diddy
  17.   Ready
  18.   Up North - This is What it Is
  19.   Love Live B.R.
  20.   Courtroom Skit
  21.   Help Me Out
  22.   B.L.A.C.K.
  23.   Lookin' at Us
  24.   Fight Back
  25.   Ni**a in My Circle
  26.   Warrior
  27.   Smile in Ya Face
  28.   Watch Your Movements
  29.   Rise Up
  30.   Mad Rapper (Interlude)
  31.   B.R.
  32.   Cop Skit
  33.   Muscle Game
  34.   Championship
  35.   Can I Live
  36.   You Don't Know Me
  37.   Mrs. Barry
  38.   Let 'Em Lay by Tek
  39.   Welcome To My Life
  40.   PD World Tour
  41.   No Fear
  42.   Made Me a Man
  43.   Get Involved
  44.   Fuck Em'
  45.   Can't Make it in NY
  46.   Boiling Water
  47.   The Verdict
  48.   Team
  49.   Fire in da Hole
  50.   Back to Live Action (Interlude)
  51.   You Know What
  52.   When You Come Home
  53.   Where da Bypass At?
  54.   She's a Pro
  55.   Star in da Hood
  56.   Courtroom (Intro)
  57.   Down the Line Joint
  58.   Jasmine
  59.   Drive By
  60.   Spanish Fly by Jennifer Lopez
  61.   Chapter One by Quan
  62.   Where You At by Q Parker
  63.   Bring Them Out by Kali Ranks
  64.   Pat 'Em Down by Quas Amill
  65.   Rockstar by Quas Amill
  66.   Genuine Article
  67.   This is What it Is
  68.   Showin Up
  69.   Sand to the Beach
  70.   Bumpin'
  71.   Wanna Get Dough
  72.   Wave of New York
  73.   Welcome Back
  74.   Down the Line Joint featuring Diddy
  75.   Smoothness
  76.   High in the Clouds
  77.   How Life
  78.   Long Live B.R.
  79.   Where Da Bypass At? (Interlude) featuring Craig Mack
  80.   Team featuring Aasim