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Blackfoot were contemporaries of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and tried for years to make it as a Southern rock band, although they finally succeeded as a hard rock outfit, in the manner of AC/DC and the Scorpions. They racked up a hit album (Strikes) and a pair of successful singles ("Train, Train," "Highway Song") in the late '70s and early '80s, before they became lost in the post-MTV era of visually oriented bands. The group started out as a quartet comprising singer/guitarist Rickey Medlocke (the grandson of bluegrass musician Shorty Medlocke, who wrote "Train, Train"), drummer/singer Jakson Spires, bassist/singer Greg T. Walker, and lead guitarist Charlie Hargrett. Named Blackfoot as an acknowledgment of Medlocke's heritage, they were signed to Island in 1975, evidently as that label's resident Southern rockers, but moved to Epic the following year. Neither relationship was successful, but in 1979, after moving to Atco, their first album for the new label, Strikes, hit a responsive chord -- the group spent the next few years on that label, racking up impressive sales with the follow-ups Tomcattin' and Marauder. In the mid-'80s, Blackfoot added ex-Uriah Heep keyboardist Ken Hensley in order to bring a new side to their sound. Their fortunes declined amid the advent of MTV and the growth in importance of rock video promotional clips, as well as the influence of sounds from Europe and Australia, and they never recovered, despite efforts to adapt their sound and image. Hensley was replaced, and a new lineup recorded Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot (1987). Only two albums, Medicine Man (1990) and After the Reign (1994), were released during the first half of the 1990s. Committed to his duties in Lynyrd Skynyrd, Medlocke put Blackfoot on ice in 1997. The following decade and into the 2010s, the band was active as a performing act featuring original members but not Medlocke. Blackfoot released a handful of live sets, including On the Run (2004) and Fly Away (2011). In 2012, Medlocke -- still part of Lynyrd Skynyrd -- chose four new musicians to represent Blackfoot and acted as the band's producer. ~ Bruce Eder
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Train, Train
  3.   Highway Song
  4.   Road Fever
  5.   Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
  6.   Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller
  7.   Fly Away
  8.   Left Turn on a Red Light
  9.   Trouble in Mind
  10.   I Got a Line on You
  11.   In the Night
  12.   Fox Chase
  13.   Spendin' Cabbage
  14.   Warped
  15.   In for the Kill
  16.   Morning Dew
  17.   Sail Away
  18.   Run for Cover
  19.   Goin' in Circles
  20.   Crossfire
  21.   Dancin' Man
  22.   Wishing Well
  23.   Searchin'
  24.   Too Hard to Handle
  25.   Diary of a Workingman
  26.   Good Morning
  27.   On the Run
  28.   Love This Town
  29.   Buffalo Song
  30.   Saturday Night
  31.   Everyman
  32.   Intro
  33.   Sunshine Again
  34.   Howay the Lads
  35.   Rollin' & Tumblin'
  36.   Heartbeat and Heels
  37.   Summer Days
  38.   Livin' in the Limelight
  39.   White Man's Land
  40.   We're Goin' Down
  41.   Send Me an Angel
  42.   Railroad Man
  43.   Reckless Abandoner
  44.   Mother
  45.   Madness
  46.   Island Of Life
  47.   Stranger On The Road
  48.   Try A Little Harder
  49.   Flyin' High
  50.   Baby Blue
  51.   Teenage Idol
  52.   Dry County
  53.   Payin' For It
  54.   Every Man Should Know (Queenie)
  55.   Dream On
  56.   Take Me Home
  57.   Seasons
  58.   Closest Thing to Heaven
  59.   Running
  60.   Diablo Loves Guitar
  61.   Satisfied Man
  62.   Whiskey Train
  63.   Call of a Hero
  64.   Southern Native
  65.   Trouble Mind
  66.   Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
  67.   Blue Instrumental
  68.   Blues Instrumental
  69.   A Legend Never Dies
  70.   Get It On
  71.   Ride with You
  72.   Drivin' Fool
  73.   Junkie's Dream
  74.   Save Your Time
  75.   Feelin' Good
  76.   Run and Hide
  77.   Fire of the Dragon
  78.   Street Fighter
  79.   My Wild Romance
  80.   Liar
  81.   Private Life
  82.   Reckless Boy
  83.   Rock 'N' Roll Tonight
  84.   I Want To Talk To You
  85.   Pay My Dues
  86.   Need My Ride
  87.   Young Girl
  88.   Heart's Grown Cold
  89.   Ohio
  90.   Silent Type

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