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A Philadelphia-based hardcore outfit, Blacklisted released their first demo 7" in 2003. A self-titled affair, the EP fostered a quickie deal with Janey Jasta's Stillborn label, which led to the release of the EP CD Our Youth Is Wasted later that year. The Deathwish label was next to show interest, and Blacklisted embarked on a series of splits with the label, as well as a re-release of their Our Youth Is Wasted EP combined with their demo release. The year 2006 turned out to be rough for the band, as personal and band issues threatened to tear Blacklisted asunder. Fortunately, the bandmembers -- George Hirsch (vocals), Jon Nean (guitars), Dave Foster (guitar), Dave Walling (bass), and Shawn Foley (drums) -- were able to keep it all together, and Blacklisted released the "comeback" (of sorts) EP Peace on Earth, War on Stage in 2007. Following the EP, Blacklisted made a number of successful appearances on tour in the States, in addition to touring Europe and the U.K. In 2008, Blacklisted returned with a full-length pummeling, Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God, which was followed by tour of Australia with likeminded hardcore outfit 50 Lions. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Everything in My Life is for Sale
  3.   Palisade
  4.   Foreign Observer by Nick Woj
  5.   Stations
  6.   Wooder Ice
  7.   Touch Test
  8.   Tourist
  9.   D.J.W.
  10.   Canonized
  11.   What's Wrong with George?
  12.   It's All Going Down
  13.   Wish
  14.   Memory Layne
  15.   Long Way Home
  16.   Riptide
  17.   Cannonized
  18.   Left Alone
  19.   I Am Weighing Me Down
  20.   Bruising Serenade
  21.   Gossamer
  22.   Mentalist
  23.   Setting Sun
  24.   No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me
  25.   I Refuse
  26.   My Advice
  27.   Old Friend
  28.   Mother Theresa
  29.   Ivory Tower
  30.   Deeper Kind
  31.   Crossed Fingers
  32.   Matrimony
  33.   Turn In the Pike
  34.   G.E.H.
  35.   Houdini Blues
  36.   Those Shields Around You
  37.   The P.I.G. (The Problem Is G.)
  38.   Burnt Palms
  39.   Good Grief
  40.   Finding Faith
  41.   Circuit Breaker
  42.   Do You Feel?
  43.   When People Grow, People Go
  44.   Eccentrichine
  45.   3800 (We're Unstoppable)
  46.   J.M.N.
  47.   Back and Forth
  48.   How Quickly We Forget (Again)
  49.   Who I Am
  50.   Burning Monk
  51.   I'm Trying to Disappear
  52.   Stones Throw
  53.   Our Apartment Is Always Empty
  54.   Bottle Rockets
  55.   Wolves at My Door
  56.   Always
  57.   Self-Explosive
  58.   Coming Clean
  59.   Skeletons
  60.   Transparent/Opaque
  61.   Insularized
  62.   That Ain't Real Much
  63.   Copper Fields
  64.   Life Moves On
  65.   Brightest Son
  66.   I Am Extraordinary
  67.   Calendars
  68.   S.M.F.

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