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Bleeding Through

Orange County, CA, sextet Bleeding Through formed in the year 2000, featuring vocalist Brandan Schieppati, guitarists Brian Leppke and Scott Danough, bassist Ryan Wombacher, drummer Derek Youngsma, and keyboardist Marta Peterson. Probably the county's biggest misfits, Bleeding Through don't play pop, ska, hardcore, or even punk (though they sure look like the latter), but rather crushing aggro-death-core popular among many post-millennial American post-screamo bands. Bleeding Through have ties to other area bands Eighteen Visions and Throwdown, as some members (past and present, like Schieppati and Marc Jackson) have logged time between acts. After debuting with 2002's Portrait of the Goddess, Schieppati chose to focus completely on Bleeding Through and the group signed with New Jersey-based Trustkill Records, unleashing two well-regarded albums in 2004's This Is Love, This Is Murderous and 2006's The Truth. As Bleeding Through worked on material for their next album, the first member change in three years occurred in spring 2007 when Danough was replaced by ex-I Killed the Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen. Released in 2008, Declaration, a concept album about the trials and tribulations of life on the road, ignited a public feud with Trustkill over unpaid royalties, lack of funding, and release schedules, culminating in a move in 2010 to Oregon-based Rise Records for the band's eponymous sixth album and 2011 follow-up, The Great Fire. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Bleeding Through

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Bleeding Through

  1.   Song
  2.   On Wings of Lead
  3.   Love Lost in a Hail of Gun Fire
  4.   Death Anxiety
  5.   Kill to Believe
  6.   Revenge I Seek
  7.   Confession
  8.   Hollywood Prison
  9.   The Painkiller
  10.   Number Seven with a Bullet
  11.   Say Goodbye to Death
  12.   Entrenched
  13.   Love Lost in a Hale of Gunfire
  14.   Tragedy of Empty Streets
  15.   Murder by Numbers
  16.   Step Back in Line
  17.   What I Bleed Without You
  18.   One by One
  19.   Trail of Seclusion
  20.   Walking Dead
  21.   Everything You Love Is Gone
  22.   Starving Vultures
  23.   Your Abandonment
  24.   A Resurrection
  25.   There Was a Flood
  26.   Germany
  27.   We Want the Truth
  28.   Stars
  29.   She's Gone
  30.   Line in the Sand
  31.   Love in Slow Motion
  32.   Rocket Queen
  33.   Mutilation
  34.   City of the Condemned
  35.   Back to Life
  36.   Slow Your Roll
  37.   Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace)
  38.   One Last Second
  39.   Return to Sender
  40.   Light My Eyes
  41.   Seller's Market
  42.   For Love and Failing
  43.   Sweet Vampirous
  44.   The Devil and Self Doubt
  45.   Final Hours
  46.   Faith in Fire
  47.   The March
  48.   Revolving Hype Machines
  49.   This Time Nothing Is Sacred
  50.   Salvation Never Found
  51.   Fifteen Minutes
  52.   Drag Me to the Ocean
  53.   Divide the Armies
  54.   Distortion, Devotion
  55.   Breathing in the Wrath
  56.   Anti-Hero
  57.   Sister Charlatan
  58.   Beneath the Grey
  59.   The Loving Memory of England
  60.   Reborn from Isolation
  61.   Orange County Blonde and Blue
  62.   Finis Fatalis Spei
  63.   Fall on Proverb
  64.   My War
  65.   Dearly Demented
  66.   Shadow Walker
  67.   Dead Like Me
  68.   13 Scars
  69.   The Truth
  70.   Deaf Ears
  71.   French Inquisition
  72.   This Is Love, This Is Murderous

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