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Bloc Party

Equally inspired by Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Gang of Four, and the Cure, East London art punkers Bloc Party mix angular sonics with pop structures. Consisting of singer/guitarist Kele Okereke, guitarist Russell Lissack, bassist/singer Gordon Moakes, and drummer Matt Tong, the band was formerly known as Angel Range and Union before settling on Bloc Party. Okereke and Lissack met each other through mutual friends at the Reading Festival, and discovered that they had musical tastes as well as friends in common. Tong and Moakes soon joined their collaboration, and under the name Union, the quartet issued a demo in early 2003; later that year, they switched their name to Bloc Party. The group's demo and concerts began to attract attention from both the press and their peers; Okereke sent a copy of the demo to Franz Ferdinand, who invited them to play at the Domino tenth anniversary bash in fall 2003. Early the following year, the band released one of the demo's tracks, "She's Hearing Voices," as a single on Trash Aesthetics. A few months later, Banquet/Staying Fat arrived on Moshi Moshi. That spring, Bloc Party signed to Wichita to release their full-length album in the U.K., and to Dim Mak for U.S. distribution. The band spent summer 2004 recording and touring. Late that summer, Bloc Party, which collected the band's first two singles, arrived in the States. Their debut album, Silent Alarm, appeared early in 2005 and was released by Vice Records in the States to widespread acclaim. Later that year, Silent Alarm Remixed capitalized on the band's burgeoning popularity, as did the 2006 EP Helicopter. A Weekend in the City, Bloc Party's second proper album, followed in 2007. A Weekend in the City leaked onto the Internet months before the album's street date, which inspired Bloc Party to issue their third album, Intimacy, online in late summer 2008; the album was released on compact disc that fall. Late in 2009, Bloc Party went on hiatus and Okereke began working on songs on his own, moving to Berlin and collaborating with producers Hudson Mohawke and XXXchange in New York on a solo album. In 2010, the single Tenderoni arrived, revealing that Okereke's solo work was more dance-oriented than his music with Bloc Party. His full-length debut, The Boxer, arrived in summer 2010. Meanwhile, Moakes formed a side project, Young Legionnaire, with the Automatic's Paul Mullen and La Roux's William Bowerman. The following year, Bloc Party reunited to record their fourth album; that July, the lead single "Octopus" showed that the band had returned to the angular, guitar-heavy sound of its earlier work. Four arrived in August 2012. Tong left the band during its summer 2013 tour, and Bloc Party went on hiatus once the promotional duties for Four were finished. The band's contribution to !K7's mix series Tapes, which featured cuts by Wiley, Junior Boys, and Fela Kuti, arrived the following October. Early in 2015, Moakes announced that he had left Bloc Party. When the band returned that August, it included new members Justin Harris -- formerly of the band Menomena -- on bass and Louise Bartle on drums. The group's fifth album, Hymns, which featured a soulful, groove-driven rock approach, arrived in January 2016. ~ Heather Phares
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Bloc Party

  1.   Song
  2.   Helicopter
  3.   Banquet
  4.   Like Eating Glass
  5.   The Prayer
  6.   Octopus
  7.   This Modern Love
  8.   Hunting For Witches
  9.   I Still Remember
  10.   Blue Light
  11.   Flux
  12.   Talons
  13.   Mercury
  14.   The Pioneers
  15.   One Month Off
  16.   The Good News
  17.   Signs
  18.   Day Four
  19.   Letter to My Son
  20.   Better Than Heaven
  21.   Stunt Queen
  22.   Ion Square
  23.   The Love Within
  24.   So Here We Are
  25.   Two More Years
  26.   One More Chance
  27.   Ares
  28.   Little Thoughts
  29.   Tulips
  30.   Fortress
  31.   Obsence
  32.   V.A.L.I.S.
  33.   Coliseum
  34.   Helicopter by Peaches
  35.   Sunday
  36.   Price of Gasoline
  37.   Positive Tension
  38.   Living Lux
  39.   Exes
  40.   Staying Fat
  41.   Evening Song
  42.   New Blood
  43.   Paraíso
  44.   My True Name
  45.   Different Drugs
  46.   So Real
  47.   Only He Can Heal Me
  48.   Virtue
  49.   Children of the Future
  50.   Montreal
  51.   French Exit
  52.   Ratchet
  53.   Straight Thru Cru
  54.   We Are Not Good People
  55.   The Healing
  56.   Truth
  57.   Kettling
  58.   Real Talk
  59.   3x3
  60.   So He Begins to Lie
  61.   Your Visits Are Getting Shorter
  62.   Zephyrus
  63.   Trojan Horse
  64.   Biko
  65.   Halo
  66.   Emma Kate's Accident
  67.   Selfish Son
  68.   Kreuzberg
  69.   Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
  70.   On
  71.   Where Is Home?
  72.   She's Hearing Voices
  73.   The Marshalls Are Dead
  74.   Answer
  75.   Luno
  76.   Plans
  77.   Compliments
  78.   Waiting For The 7.18
  79.   Uniform
  80.   Hero
  81.   Team A
  82.   Rhododendrons
  83.   SRXT
  84.   Into the Earth
  85.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  86.   Eden
  87.   Say It Right