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Bobby Valentino

Born Bobby Wilson in Mississippi but raised in Atlanta, smooth R&B crooner Bobby V -- known as Bobby Valentino until a lawsuit from a British performer of the same name -- had a hard time convincing his skeptical parents that the music business was the place for him. When the 16-year-old Wilson hooked up with the Organized Noize Productions team, his parents knew he was serious and that his dream of a record deal was entirely possible. With a group of friends, he formed Mista, a Boyz II Men-styled singing group that made some waves with their single "Blackberry Molasses." The group's self-titled album appeared in 1996 but failed to match the single's success. A second, unreleased album was recorded with producer Timbaland's help, but management problems split the group and Wilson decided to focus on college. After earning his degree in 2003, he returned to demo work. One of his demos ended up in the hands of Ludacris, who made Wilson the first R&B singer in the rapper's DTP (Disturbing tha Peace) crew. The sultry "Slow Down" announced the singer's rebirth as a DTP member in early 2005 and soon became a BET and radio favorite. As the ballad was landing on numerous schools' prom ballots, Def Jam/DTP released his self-titled debut, a Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart-topper. Special Occasion equaled that success in 2007, yet Wilson left his label on good terms and aligned with EMI. His first album for the label, titled The Rebirth and released through his boutique label, Blu Kolla Dreams, was released in February 2009 and featured productions from longtime collaborators Tim & Bob, as well as Carlos McKinney and Raphael Saadiq. Fly on the Wall, released on Capitol in March 2011, debuted in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200. Led by the Lil Wayne collaboration "Mirror," the singer returned on eOne in October 2012 with Dusk Till Dawn. ~ David Jeffries
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Bobby Valentino

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Bobby Valentino

  1.   Song
  2.   Slow Down
  3.   Turn the Page
  4.   Tell Me
  5.   Anonymous
  6.   Beep by Yung Joc
  7.   My Angel (Never Leave You)
  8.   Rock Wit'cha
  9.   Rearview (Ridin')
  10.   I'll Forgive You
  11.   Grab Somebody
  12.   Hands on Me
  13.   Words
  14.   Put It In
  15.   Love Dream
  16.   Ooh (She Got Me Like)
  17.   One Girl to Love
  18.   Lights Down Low
  19.   Role Play by Red Café
  20.   Heaven (My Angel, Pt. 2)
  21.   Want You to Know Me
  22.   Can't Wait 'Til Later
  23.   I Was Wrong
  24.   Over & Over
  25.   Never Lonely
  26.   Nothing On You
  27.   Are You Ready
  28.   Would You Be
  29.   Hang On
  30.   Are You the Right One
  31.   Stay with Me
  32.   Be My Love
  33.   Mista Valentino (Interlude)
  34.   Dusk till Dawn (Intro)
  35.   Phone #
  36.   Last Call for Love
  37.   Hummin
  38.   Just Me & You by Raphael Saadiq
  39.   Give Me Your Heart
  40.   Right There (Thank You)
  41.   Special Occasion (Interlude)
  42.   Only Human
  43.   Some Bobby
  44.   Guilty by Luca Antolini
  45.   Save Me from Me
  46.   1st Class Love
  47.   She Got It All
  48.   Tipsey Love by Future
  49.   Mirror by Lil Wayne
  50.   Thank You
  51.   Altered Ego
  52.   The Rebirth by Dottie Peoples
  53.   You're Not Alone
  54.   Make You the Only One
  55.   Make You Say
  56.   3 Is the New 2
  57.   Beep Beep by Yung Joc
  58.   Wreck
  59.   Checkin' for Me
  60.   How 'Bout It
  61.   Let Him Go
  62.   Come Touch Me
  63.   Give Me a Chance by Ludacris
  64.   Gangsta Love
  65.   In the Name of God by Luca Antolini
  66.   Can U?
  67.   L.O.V.E.
  68.   If I Can't Have You
  69.   Fly on the Wall Intro
  70.   My Girl by Dottie Peoples
  71.   Dance the Night Away (Interlude) by Dottie Peoples
  72.   Butterfly Tattoo
  73.   Let's Go
  74.   Soon as I Get Home
  75.   Thank You Lord (Outro)
  76.   Rock Body by Gucci Mane
  77.   Sweetness
  78.   Outfit
  79.   On the Edge
  80.   Another Life
  81.   Intro
  82.   If I Had My Way
  83.   Home Is Where You Belong
  84.   Before You Break My Heart
  85.   Fly on the Wall (Interlude)
  86.   G.O.D
  87.   Energy
  88.   Let's Go
  89.   Anonymous
  90.   Bobby Valentino Speaks...
  91.   Pullin' Up
  92.   Beep
  93.   Slow Down Jr
  94.   Mirror
  95.   Give Me a Chance by Ludacris
  96.   Album Version
  97.   Remix Radio
  98.   Just Me & You featuring Raphael Saadiq

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