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From their techy, trancey beginnings to their more mature post-millennial work that incorporated pop, ambient, electro, techno, and funk influences, Frankfurt, Germany house duo Booka Shade maintained an elegance of style that owed little to whatever current dance music trends were on the scene. However, before they were Booka Shade, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger had an early-'90s synth pop duo called Planet Claire, which in the tradition of Underworld and Ministry, mutated into something very different after their early direction petered out following two mildly successful albums. Abandoning dance-pop in favor of heavier club beats, Kammermeier and Merziger released a number of underground dance tracks -- including the smash hit "Una Musica Senza Ritmo" under the Degeneration moniker -- before renaming their project Booka Shade and debuting with the 1995 single "Kind of Good." Another single, "Silk," was issued the following year, but the duo soon lost interest in formulaic club music and decided to reinvent themselves as movie soundtrack composers and pop producers for hire. This phase of their career lasted for a few years but turned out to be a thoroughly depressing experience, and eventually, in 2002, Kammermeier and Merziger moved to Berlin and started their own imprint, Get Physical, alongside M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. In 2004, feeling that they finally had complete musical freedom, Booka Shade released their first proper album as artists, Memento. Following two more club hits in 2005, "Mandarine Girl" and "Body Language" (in collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y.), they released their second album, Movements, in 2006. It was followed by a DJ-Kicks mix in 2007 and a pair of additional albums for Get Physical, 2008's The Sun & the Neon Light, and 2010's More!. For their fifth studio album, the duo went to Manchester, England and recorded in a proper studio -- a move that recharged their creativity. That album, Eve, was released in 2013. Throughout their career, Booka Shade also maintained a separate line in high-profile remixes, including work for the Juan MacLean ("Tito's Way"), Moby ("Dream About Me"), Hot Chip ("[Just Like We] Breakdown"), the Knife ("Marble House"), and Dave Gahan ("Kingdom"). The duo returned the following year with an EP, Line of Fire which featured vocal contributions from Karin Park. The pair reciprocated by remixing her track "Pandora Drive." In 2017, Booka Shade put out their sixth full-length effort, Galvany Street. The record's overall sonic palette was a return to the new wave sound that the duo had experimented with during some of their earlier projects and collaborations. ~ Stewart Mason
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Booka Shade

  1.   Song
  2.   Body Language
  3.   In White Rooms
  4.   Darko
  5.   Love Inc
  6.   Night Falls
  7.   Mandarine Girl
  8.   Many Rivers
  9.   Mandarine Girl
  10.   Tickle
  11.   Numbers (DJ-Kicks)
  12.   Memento
  13.   Dusty Boots
  14.   Comacabana
  15.   Line of Fire
  16.   Moonstruck
  17.   Black Cow
  18.   Wildest Thing
  19.   Paper Plane
  20.   Back to Monza
  21.   Crossing Borders
  22.   Maifeld
  23.   Leema
  24.   Kalimera
  25.   Honeyslave
  26.   Tomorrow Belongs to Us
  27.   Home
  28.   Planetary
  29.   Charlotte
  30.   Played Runner
  31.   Hallelujah USA
  32.   Shimmer
  33.   Something Physical
  34.   Frantic
  35.   Mr. Torrance
  36.   Vertigo
  37.   Gloomfeld
  38.   Hide & Seek in Geishas Garden
  39.   S.T.A.R.R.Z.
  40.   Trespas 06
  41.   Bakerson
  42.   Blackout:White Noise Feat. Chelonis R. Jones by Chelonis R. Jones
  43.   Aery Canary
  44.   Jesolo
  45.   Ballad of the East
  46.   Only When You Wake Up
  47.   Love Drug
  48.   Time's on My Side
  49.   Perfect Time
  50.   Stupid Question
  51.   City Tales
  52.   Vertigo vs. CHA!
  53.   Panoramic
  54.   Queen Lucid
  55.   You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
  56.   Psychameleon
  57.   Sweet Lies
  58.   The Sun & The Neon Light
  59.   Solo City
  60.   Control Me
  61.   Duke
  62.   Outskirts
  63.   Unhealthy Pleasures
  64.   Karma Car
  65.   Lost High
  66.   Wasting Time
  67.   Pong Pang
  68.   The Birds and the Beats/At the Window
  69.   Paper Moon
  70.   L' Armée des Ombres
  71.   Friend for a Night
  72.   Double Identity
  73.   16mm
  74.   Cha!
  75.   Noisy Man
  76.   The Birds & Beats
  77.   Up
  78.   Point Break
  79.   Blue Rooms
  80.   Glory Box
  81.   Trespass
  82.   Triple Identity
  83.   At the Window
  84.   ain' got much to lose
  85.   Take a Ride
  86.   The Magician
  87.   Right on Track