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A combination side project and supergroup of the Norwegian black metal scene, Borknagar members Oystein G. Brun (guitar, ex-Molested), Garm (vocals, also of Ulver and Arcturus), Ivar Bjornson (keyboards, ex-Enslaved), Infernus (bass), and Grim (drums; also of Immortal and Gorgoroth) started their own project in 1995. Not wasting any time, their self-titled debut came out early the following year on Malicious Records, and landed them a deal with Century Media Records soon thereafter. Kai Lie replaced Infernus for their second album The Olden Domain in 1997, and Borknagar undertook a full-scale European tour in support. With new vocalist I.C.S. Vortex (b. Simen Hestnaes) and guitarist Jens F. Ryland, Borknagar immediately jumped back into the studio to record and release 1998's progressive The Archaic Course without any breaks in between. Unfortunately, Grim died of a sleeping-pill overdose in October 1999; he was replaced by Asgeir Mickelson. For 2000's even more progressive Quintessence album, Vortex took over bass duties, and new keyboardist Lasare signed on. ~ Mike DaRonco & Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   A Tale of Pagan Tongue
  3.   The Eye of Oden
  4.   The Winterway
  5.   Future Reminiscence
  6.   The Genuine Pulse
  7.   Wonder
  8.   Worldwide
  9.   Grimskalle Trell
  10.   Acclimation
  11.   Grains
  12.   Dauden
  13.   Traveller
  14.   The View of Everlast
  15.   To Mount and Rove
  16.   Krigsstev
  17.   Nord Naaguak
  18.   Ascension of Our Fathers
  19.   Epochalypse
  20.   Cyclus
  21.   Sealed Chambers Of Electricty
  22.   Revolt
  23.   Ruins Of The Future
  24.   Tanker Mot Tind (Kvelding)
  25.   Ad Noctum
  26.   Nocturnal Vision
  27.   Colossus
  28.   Roots
  29.   Origin
  30.   Witching Hour
  31.   Reason
  32.   In a Deeper World
  33.   Svartskogs Gilde
  34.   Oceans Rise
  35.   The Winter Eclipse
  36.   The Earthling
  37.   The Stellar Dome
  38.   Grimland Domain
  39.   For a Thousand Years To Come
  40.   Winter Millennium
  41.   Gods of My World
  42.   Inherit the Earth
  43.   Inner Ocean Hypothesis
  44.   Weight Of Wind
  45.   Fields of Long Gone Presence
  46.   The Human Nature
  47.   Circled
  48.   Rivalry Of Phantoms
  49.   Soul Sphere
  50.   Embers
  51.   Ved Steingard
  52.   White
  53.   Vintervredets Sjelesagn
  54.   The Black Canvas
  55.   Signs
  56.   Resonance
  57.   The Dawn of the End
  58.   Abrasion Tide
  59.   The Down of the End
  60.   The Black Token
  61.   Fleshflower
  62.   Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt
  63.   The Beauty of Dead Cities
  64.   Cynosure
  65.   Universal
  66.   Relate
  67.   Liberated
  68.   Genesis Torn
  69.   Matter and Motion
  70.   The Spirit of Nature
  71.   Quintessence
  72.   Earth Imagery
  73.   The Stir of Seasons
  74.   Inner Landscape
  75.   Four Element Synchronicity
  76.   The Plains of Memories
  77.   Icon Dreams
  78.   Havoc
  79.   The Presence Is Ominous
  80.   Fandens Allheim
  81.   My Domain
  82.   Invincible
  83.   Mount Regency
  84.   Svartskogs Glide
  85.   Hord Haagauk
  86.   The Making of Epic
  87.   Making of Universal Documentary/Desktop Images/Universal Mp3 Version/Di
  88.   Frrostrite
  89.   Age of Creation
  90.   No Name
  91.   Oceans Arise

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