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Bran Van 3000

Aspiring filmmaker Jamie "Bran Man" Di Salvio hadn't exactly planned on making a band. He was trying to make ends meet in his native Montreal, scoring various gigs directing videos and documentaries during the mid- to late '90s. But his teenage thrills of being a DJ and remixer also fell into the realm of production and by 1995, Di Salvio had formed Bran Van 3000. He gathered nearly 20 obscure music socialites, producers, singers, and hip-hop gurus from the Montreal area, who would eventually compose the attractive quirkiness of the band, and never looked back. Soul chanteuse Stephane Moreille joined singers Jayne Hill and Sara Johnston, alongside DJ E.P. Bergen, MC Steve "Liquid" Hawley, jazz drummer Rob Joanisse, guitarist Nick Hynes, bassist Gary McKenzie, and ex-Doughboys member John Kastner, for BV3's revolving rotation. They fused trip-hop with electronic ambience and indie-rock attitude for their 1998 debut Glee, and the single "Drinking in L.A." earned top spots on various college charts as well as props from Canada's MuchMusic. Rumors of a breakup swarmed throughout late 1999; it was also reported that Ric Ocasek was on board to produce Bran Van 3000's follow-up album. The new millennium gave new face though, as BV3 began working with Beastie Boy Mike D and Grand Royal for Discosis, which was scheduled for a mid-2001 release date. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Bran Van 3000

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Bran Van 3000

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Bran Van 3000

  1.   Song
  2.   Drinking in L.A.
  3.   Cum on Feel the Noise
  4.   Mon Réal
  5.   Jahrusalem featuring EP Bergen
  6.   Gimme Sheldon
  7.   Loaded by Big Daddy Kane
  8.   Journey
  9.   La Dolce Vita
  10.   This Day
  11.   Garden Waltz
  12.   Journey featuring Helena Nash
  13.   Grace (Love On The Block)
  14.   Circles
  15.   Trees
  16.   Feline Fantasy
  17.   Rock Star
  18.   Love Cliche
  19.   StepChild (Feat Badar Ali Khan)
  20.   Dare I Say
  21.   Loaded
  22.   Jean Leloup's Dirty Talk
  23.   Montreal
  24.   Mama Don't Smoke...
  25.   Old School
  26.   Exactly Like Me!
  27.   Forest
  28.   Couch Surfer
  29.   Da Lion
  30.   A Tryst by K-Town Sophia
  31.   Une Chanson
  32.   Cowboy Hoot
  33.   Oui Got Now
  34.   Can You Handle It
  35.   Problems
  36.   Astounded by Curtis Mayfield
  37.   Sampler Happy
  38.   Stillness
  39.   Jahrusalem
  40.   You
  41.   Drop Off
  42.   A Tryst
  43.   Garden Waltz featuring Carinne Bérubé
  44.   La Dolce Vita by Freddie James
  45.   Shopping
  46.   Our Haze
  47.   Rainbow Princess
  48.   Forever
  49.   So Fine
  50.   Rappy Rappy Rappy Rap
  51.   Stand Up
  52.   Beautiful Girl
  53.   Let It Go
  54.   House Lights
  55.   Ceci N'Est Pas une Chanson
  56.   Senegal
  57.   Speed
  58.   Go Shoppin (Feat Eek a Mouse)
  59.   Discosis
  60.   Bv3
  61.   Loop Me
  62.   Astounded
  63.   Oblonging
  64.   Willard
  65.   Everywhere
  66.   Lucknow
  67.   Afrodiziak
  68.   Call Me (I'll Be Around Medley)
  69.   Cowboy Hoot by Liquid
  70.   Tony Roman
  71.   More Shopping
  72.   This Day by Ben Wilkins
  73.   Palm Springs
  74.   You featuring Francesca Como
  75.   World Party
  76.   Drop Off by Coco Thompson
  77.   The Answer
  78.   You Too
  79.   Saltwater Cats
  80.   Carry On
  81.   Highway to Heck
  82.   Sex, Love & Peace
  83.   Rosé
  84.   Shine
  85.   World Party featuring Liquid
  86.   Sea of Life
  87.   Stillness featuring Alexandre Désilets
  88.   Predictable
  89.   Hardrockin' Cincinnati
  90.   Supermodel
  91.   Oui Got Now featuring Liquid
  92.   Saltwater Cats featuring Kim Neundorf
  93.   I Won't Lie
  94.   [Untitled Track]
  95.   Rainshine