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Bread was one of the most popular pop groups of the early '70s, earning a string of well-crafted, melodic soft rock singles, all of which were written by keyboardist/vocalist David Gates. A session musician and producer, Gates met in 1968 guitarist/vocalist James Griffin, who had already released a solo album called Summer Holiday. Griffin hired Gates to produce a new album, and the pair soon became a group, adding guitarist/vocalist Robb Royer from the band Pleasure Fair, who Gates had produced early in its career. The trio soon signed with Elektra Records, becoming one of the label's first pop bands. Naming themselves Bread, the group released its self-titled debut album in late 1968. Although it was filled with accessible, melodic soft rock that became the band's signature sound, the record had no hit singles. With their second album, On the Waters, Bread established themselves as hitmakers. "Make It With You," the first single released from the album, became a number one hit, which led to "It Don't Matter to Me," a song taken from Bread, becoming a Top Ten hit. With On the Waters becoming a gold record, the group embarked on a tour, adding a full-time drummer, Mike Botts, to the lineup. Manna, released in the spring of 1971, wasn't as big a hit as the previous record, yet it launched another Top Ten hit with "If." Royer left the group after the album and was replaced by Larry Knechtel, a Los Angeles session musician who played on records by the Byrds, the Beach Boys, and the Monkees, among others. The new lineup released its first single, "Mother Freedom," in the summer of 1971; the single scraped the Top 40 at number 37. Bread's next single, "Baby I'm-a Want You," became a number three hit at the end of the year. After "Everything I Own" reached number five in January of 1972, an album called Baby I'm-a Want You was released. Peaking at number three, the record became the group's most successful album. The group's fifth album, Guitar Man, followed in the fall of 1972. At the beginning of 1973, Bread disbanded after a dispute between Gates and Griffin. Griffin claimed that, when the group was conceived, the pair agreed that the singles would be divided equally between the two songwriters; Gates wrote most of Bread's hits and wanted to continue to compose the singles. The two parted ways, with each of the musicians pursuing solo careers. Bread reunited in 1976, releasing Lost Without Your Love in early 1977. The title track became their last Top Ten hit, peaking at number nine. The success could not keep the group together as tensions between Gates and Griffin began to escalate again. After Griffin split from the group, Gates assembled a new version of the band and toured under the name Bread. Griffin sued Gates for using the name, which the duo co-owned. A judge ordered the group not to perform, record, or collect royalty payments until the case was resolved; it wasn't resolved until 1984. In the meantime, Gates and Griffin pursued solo careers. Of the two musicians, Gates was more successful, scoring a number 15 hit in 1978 with the title theme to Goodbye Girl. However, his career declined in the '80s; by the '90s, he was running a California ranch. Griffin relocated to Nashville, forming Dreamer with Randy Meisner in the early '90s. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Everything I Own
  3.   Make It with You
  4.   Baby I'm-A Want You
  5.   If
  6.   Guitar Man
  7.   It Don't Matter to Me
  8.   Lost Without Your Love
  9.   Diary
  10.   Aubrey
  11.   Sweet Surrender
  12.   Let Your Love Go
  13.   Dismal Day
  14.   Mother Freedom
  15.   Daughter
  16.   He's a Good Lad
  17.   Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
  18.   Make It by Yourself
  19.   Let Me Go
  20.   Come Again
  21.   In the Afterglow
  22.   Easy Love
  23.   I Am That I Am
  24.   Yours for Life
  25.   Look at Me
  26.   Just Like Yesterday
  27.   Look What You've Done
  28.   London Bridge
  29.   Friends and Lovers
  30.   Any Way You Want Me
  31.   She's the Only One
  32.   You Can't Measure the Cost
  33.   Didn't Even Know Her Name
  34.   Hold Tight
  35.   Lay Your Money Down
  36.   Fly Away
  37.   I Say Again
  38.   I Want You with Me
  39.   Blue Satin Pillow
  40.   The Chosen One
  41.   Hooked on You
  42.   Clouds by David Gates
  43.   Take Comfort
  44.   She Was My Lady
  45.   Live in Your Love
  46.   Too Much Love
  47.   Could I
  48.   Down on My Knees
  49.   Move Over
  50.   Welcome to the Music
  51.   Our Lady of Sorrow
  52.   Belonging
  53.   Change of Heart
  54.   That's All I Need
  55.   Medley: If/Diary/Make It With You/Sweet Surrender
  56.   What a Change
  57.   Be Kind to Me
  58.   The Other Side of Life
  59.   Coming Apart
  60.   Been Too Long on the Road
  61.   I Don't Love You
  62.   This Isn't What the Governmeant
  63.   Fancy Dancer
  64.   Truckin'
  65.   Don't Shut Me Out
  66.   Don't Tell Me No
  67.   The Last Time
  68.   Picture in Your Mind
  69.   Tecolote
  70.   Today's the First Day
  71.   Medley: Everything I Own/Guitar Man/It Don't Matter to Me/Lost Without
  72.   Call on Me
  73.   Dream Lady
  74.   Nobody Like You
  75.   Family Doctor
  76.   Games of Magic

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