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Van Duren

Van Duren was part of the early Memphis power pop scene that spawned the legendary Big Star, and made several underexposed, small-label records during the late '70s. Duren began playing in bands at the age of 13 in 1966 and attended high school with eventual Big Star drummer Jody Stephens; he auditioned to replace Chris Bell in Big Star in 1974, shortly after the completion of Third/Sister Lovers. In 1975, he and Stephens collaborated on some demos that were produced by former Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham (whom he met through producer Jon Tiven), and a year later he was playing in a group called the Baker Street Regulars with both Bell and Stephens. In 1977, Duren traveled to New England to record for Tiven's new Big Sound label; his solo debut, Are You Serious?, was released in March 1978. The album was released in Europe as Staring at the Ceiling on Big Sound. A second album, Idiot Optimism, was recorded in 1978 and 1979, though disagreements and financial difficulties prevented it from being released (until it was licensed to the Japanese Air Mail label in 1999). Duren returned to Memphis in 1981 and the following year put together a band called Good Question, which gigged around the city off and on for the next 18 years. In 1999, Duren collaborated with fellow Memphis power popster Tommy Hoehn on the album Hailstone Holiday, on which he received co-billing. Unfortunately, health problems forced Duren to severely curtail his activities in 2000, which led to the breakup of Good Question. ~ Steve Huey
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Van Duren

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Van Duren

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Van Duren

  1.   Song
  2.   Oh Babe
  3.   Everything Soon
  4.   Deep Blue Seesaw
  5.   So Good to Me (For the Time Being)
  6.   The Love That I Love
  7.   Guaranteed
  8.   Exactly
  9.   Yellow Light
  10.   Telescope
  11.   I Love All This
  12.   For a While
  13.   Bipolar Bear
  14.   What Else Would I Ever Need To Know?
  15.   Smile, Little, Smile
  16.   Lovely Day
  17.   Grow Yourself Up
  18.   Positive
  19.   Buy Your Love On Time
  20.   New Year's Eve
  21.   Bug Light
  22.   Waiting
  23.   Gargoyles
  24.   Bring You Back to Me
  25.   Hamsterdam
  26.   Stupid Enough
  27.   Worried About You
  28.   Chemical Fire
  29.   A Man Would Be Crazy
  30.   You Are Here
  31.   I'm the One (She Said)
  32.   This Love Inside
  33.   Nothing's Too Good for My Baby
  34.   Mabel (I'm Amazed)
  35.   That
  36.   Reminds Me of Me
  37.   Torn in Half
  38.   Convincing Convictions
  39.   Make a Scene
  40.   Bear With Me All the Way
  41.   Tennessee, I'm Trying
  42.   Life in Layers
  43.   What's Keeping You?
  44.   Hand Over Hand
  45.   Andy, Please
  46.   Woman Needs Man Needs Woman
  47.   Medley: Love at the Heart of It/Mad at the Moon
  48.   Stars Inside (Still Waiting)
  49.   Face to Face Again
  50.   Day with You
  51.   All These Lovely Things
  52.   Tell Me Everything
  53.   Open Secret
  54.   Valentine
  55.   Heart Trouble
  56.   At the Lonely Hearts
  57.   Crying Town
  58.   Oh, Kay
  59.   Father's Day
  60.   Europa
  61.   Hey Bulldog

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