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Formed in 2010 in Norman, Oklahoma, roughneck pop-punk quartet BRONCHO were started by guitarist/vocalist Ryan Lindsey, guitarist Ben King, bassist Jonathan Ford, and drummer Nathan Price. The project began as a loose recording session where Lindsey quickly sketched out a few ideas before sending them around to some friends for advice and ideas. Before long the careless demos became the basis of a full-on band, with Ford going so far as booking the group a show without consulting the other collaborators on the project. Taking inspiration from early punk acts like the Ramones and the Stooges, and applying liberal amounts of '80s college rock grit, BRONCHO were born. The band's first full-length outing, Can't Get Past the Lips, surfaced in 2011, and eventually led to press and national touring, ranking as one of NPR's best-of-2011 albums, among other accolades. The album was re-released in 2013 on producer Kevin Augunas' Fairfax Recordings label, and the band started recording a second album. After leaving the label and Augunas, the group issued a single for Park the Van, "Try Me Out Sometime," in 2011, then returned with a single for CQ Records in 2013. The song, the unstoppably catchy "It's On," was used memorably over the end titles on the third season of hit television show Girls. Moving to a new label, Dine Alone, and down to the trio of Lindsey, King, and Price, the band's long-awaited second album, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman, was released in the fall of 2014. They added bassist Penny Pitchlynn for the tour that followed, and she stuck around for the next album. The new wave-influenced Double Vanity was released in June of 2016. ~ Fred Thomas
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  1.   Song
  2.   Class Historian
  3.   Stay Loose
  4.   Kurt
  5.   Fantasy Boys
  6.   Deena
  7.   Please Try Me
  8.   Speed Demon
  9.   I Know You
  10.   Señora Borealis
  11.   I Don't Really Wanna Be Social
  12.   Soak Up the Sun
  13.   Highly Unintentional
  14.   China
  15.   Blown Fuse
  16.   Psychiatrist
  17.   It's On
  18.   Pick a Fight
  19.   Two Step
  20.   New Karma
  21.   All Time
  22.   Taj Mahal
  23.   I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At
  24.   NC-17
  25.   Insert Coin
  26.   Try Me Out Sometime
  27.   Record Store
  28.   Get Off My Reservations
  29.   Losers
  30.   Can't Get Past the Lips
  31.   I Don't Really Want to Be Social
  32.   What
  33.   Stop Tricking
  34.   Wanna
  35.   Jenny Loves Janae
  36.   Jenny Loves Jenae

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