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Buffalo Springfield

Apart from the Byrds, no other American band had as great an impact on folk-rock and country-rock -- really, the entire Californian rock sound -- than Buffalo Springfield. The group's formation is the stuff of legend: driving on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay spotted a hearse that Stills was sure belonged to Neil Young, a Canadian he had crossed paths with earlier. Indeed it was, and with the addition of fellow hearse passenger and Canadian Bruce Palmer on bass and ex-Dillard Dewey Martin on drums, the cluster of ex-folkys determined, as the Byrds had just done, to become a rock & roll band. Buffalo Springfield wasn't together long -- they were an active outfit for just over two years, between 1967 and 1968 --but every one of their three albums was noteworthy. Their debut, Buffalo Springfield, including their sole big hit (Stills' "For What It's Worth"), established them as the best folk-rock band in the land barring the Byrds, though Springfield was a bit more folk and country oriented. Again, their second album found the group expanding their folk-rock base into tough hard rock and psychedelic orchestration, resulting in their best record. The group was blessed with three idiosyncratic, talented songwriters in Stills, Young, and Furay (the last of whom didn't begin writing until the second LP) yet they also had strong and often conflicting egos, particularly Stills and Young. The group, who held almost infinite promise, rearranged their lineup several times, Young leaving the group for periods and Palmer fighting deportation, until disbanding in 1968. Their final album clearly shows the group fragmenting into solo directions. Eventually, the inter-personal tensions and creative battles led to a perhaps inevitable split, starting with Young's departure for a solo career. He would later reunite with Stephen Stills in Crosby, Stills, & Nash, joining the trio once a decade for various projects. In addition to CSN, Stills released solo albums and worked with a nother band, Manassas. Initially, Jim Messina and Richie Furay stayed together, forming the country-rock group Poco, but Messina left after three albums to team up in a duo with Kenny Loggins. Furay himself left Poco and teamed with Chris Hillman and JD Souther in the Souther Hillman Furay Band before pursuing a solo career. Rumors of a Buffalo Springfield reunion circulated for years -- Young even hinted at it with the song "Buffalo Springfield Again" --and it finally happened in the fall of 2010. Young, Furay and Stills reunited as Buffalo Springfield for a pair of shows at Young' s annual Bridge School Benefit in the fall of 2010. It wasn't a complete reunion, since Palmer had died in 2004 and Martin passed in 2009, but the three singers used bassist Rick Rosas and drummer Joe Vitale to fill in. The same configuration played six concerts in the spring of 2011, but reportedly did no studio work. ~ Richie Unterberger & Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Buffalo Springfield

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Buffalo Springfield

  1.   Song
  2.   For What It's Worth
  3.   Mr. Soul
  4.   I Am a Child
  5.   Expecting to Fly
  6.   Rock & Roll Woman
  7.   Bluebird
  8.   Broken Arrow
  9.   Sit Down I Think I Love You
  10.   Go and Say Goodbye
  11.   On the Way Home
  12.   Kind Woman
  13.   Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
  14.   Questions
  15.   Uno Mundo
  16.   A Child's Claim to Fame
  17.   Four Days Gone
  18.   Pretty Girl Why
  19.   Everydays
  20.   Good Time Boy
  21.   Burned
  22.   Flying on the Ground Is Wrong
  23.   Down to the Wire
  24.   Baby Don't Scold Me
  25.   Come On
  26.   Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It
  27.   Hung Upside Down
  28.   Buffalo Stomp
  29.   Kahuna Sunset
  30.   Down Down Down
  31.   Neighbor Don't You Worry
  32.   Falcon Lake (Ash on the Floor)
  33.   Whatever Happened to Saturday Night
  34.   Old Laughing Lady
  35.   Round and Round and Round
  36.   The Rent Is Always Due
  37.   One More Sign
  38.   No Sun Today
  39.   My Angel
  40.   So You've Got a Lover
  41.   Nobody's Fool
  42.   We'll See
  43.   Pay the Price
  44.   Out of My Mind
  45.   Leave
  46.   Everybody's Wrong
  47.   Hot Dusty Roads
  48.   It's So Hard to Wait
  49.   Sad Memory
  50.   Carefree Country Day
  51.   Can't Keep Me Down
  52.   I'm Your Kind of Guy
  53.   Hello, I've Returned
  54.   In the Hour of Not Quite Rain
  55.   Words I Must Say
  56.   Special Care
  57.   My Kind of Love
  58.   There Goes My Babe
  59.   Merry-Go-Round
  60.   What a Day

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