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Buzzov-en has been cranking out drug-fueled, misanthropic sludge punk in various incarnations since their inception in 1990. Known almost as much for their out-of-control and sometimes violent live shows as they are for their music, the band carries on a tradition shared by such fellow Southern troublemakers as Eyehategod and Antiseen. They have endured several lineup changes and apparent breakups over the years, with the only permanent member being singer/guitarist Kirk Fisher (alternately credited on albums as "Reverend Dirtkicker" or simply "Kirk.") With drummer Ashley Williamson (aka Ash and Ash Lee) and bassist Brian Hill in tow, they recorded their first EP (Wound) and full-length (To a Frown) on the Allied label in the early to mid-'90s. Eventually signing with the more prominent Roadrunner Records, the band unleashed their second full-length, Sore, in 1994. (By this time, they had added a second guitarist in Buddy Apostolis, aka Buddy and Little Buddy.) Yet instead of garnering the type of recognition as some of their labelmates (see Sepultura or Fear Factory, for example), Buzzov-en remained very much a cult band, continuing to tour heavily (including a stint opening for GWAR) but ultimately disintegrating before they could issue a Roadrunner follow-up. By the time of their next full-length, 1998's At a Loss, Fisher was the only original member left, with bassist/vocalist Dave "Dixie" Collins (later of Weedeater) among the new recruits. Assumed to have broken up once more, Fisher and company nonetheless returned yet again in 2001 with the long-delayed Revelation: Sick Again, this time on the Hydrahead label. ~ William York
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  2.   Aching Improv #9
  3.   Drying Out
  4.   Aching Improv #13
  5.   Nod
  6.   Intro/Scratch
  7.   I Never
  8.   Broken
  9.   Hollow
  10.   Symptom
  11.   Wound
  12.   Done
  13.   Unwilling to Explain
  14.   Locked Up
  15.   Sore
  16.   Pathetic
  17.   Shove
  18.   Forget It
  19.   Breed
  20.   Should I
  21.   Never Again (S.F.)
  22.   Proven Wrong
  23.   I Don't Like You
  24.   Behaved
  25.   To a Frown
  26.   Junkie
  27.   Toe Fry
  28.   Frayed
  29.   Porch
  30.   Blinded
  31.   Break Me Off?
  32.   Weeding
  33.   Grit
  34.   Lose
  35.   This Is Not...
  36.   Mainline
  37.   Scrunge
  38.   Paintake
  39.   Drained
  40.   Splinter My Eye
  41.   Aching Improv
  42.   Vagabond
  43.   Red/Green
  44.   Crawl Away
  45.   Chokehold
  46.   ...At A Loss
  47.   Lack Of
  48.   Kakkila
  49.   Loracei
  50.   Flow
  51.   Whiskey Fit
  52.   Don't Bring Me Down
  53.   Dirtkicker
  54.   Useless
  55.   Heal
  56.   Left Behind
  57.   Untitled
  58.   Untitled
  59.   Untitled
  60.   Untitled
  61.   (Untitled)
  62.   Loracet

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