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Cancer Bats

Proving that loud, gritty, and ranting punk rock is still alive and thrashing in Canada, Toronto's Cancer Bats were founded in the spring of 2004 by singer Liam Cormier and guitarist Scott Middleton. Cormier and Middleton had worked together before in a metal band called At the Mercy of Inspiration, and were looking to launch a new project that would take their music in a harder but more elemental direction. Teaming with bassist Andrew McCracken and drummer Joel Bath, they formed Cancer Bats and recorded a four-song demo that they sold at shows in early 2005; the disc soon sold out two pressings and was later reissued as a 7" vinyl EP by Tragic Comedy Records. After a few months, the group became disenchanted with drummer Bath, and Mike Peters shortly took over as the group's beat-keeper. Cancer Bats hit the road with a vengeance, playing all over Canada and making occasional jaunts into the United States while sharing stages with most of the Great White North's best punk outfits. The hard-partying band released its first full-length album, Birthing the Giant, in the fall of 2006. It was released in Canada by Distort Entertainment, in the United States by Abacus Records, and in the U.K. by Hassle Records; each release featured the same songs, though the sequence was changed for the American release of the disc. The band kept up its relentless touring pace after the album hit stores, and played a major American tour opening for Billy Talent. In 2007, McCracken amicably parted ways with Cancer Bats to devote more time to his design business, and Jason Bailey, a veteran of the bands Shattered Realm and Figure Four, signed on as their new bass player. In 2008 the band released its second album, Hail Destroyer. After spending a couple of years touring the metal festival circuit, Cancer Bats released Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones in 2010. Amid plenty of work and development for their own compositions, the band explored a collective love of metal gods Black Sabbath with the low-key inception of Bat Sabbath, an alter ego band whose sole purpose was to dutifully cover Sabbath songs. This classic metal influence was heavy on their 2012 album Dead Set on Living, particularly in Cormier's increasingly improving vocals. Fifth album Searching for Zero was made during a time of great turmoil for the band, with exhausting amounts of touring and multiple deaths of people close to the band. This agonizing time was reflected in the dark and unrelenting tone of the album. ~ Mark Deming
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Cancer Bats

  1.   Song
  2.   Sabotage
  3.   Hail Destroyer
  4.   True Zero
  5.   Dead Set on Living
  6.   100 Grand Canyon
  7.   Iron Man
  8.   French Immersion
  9.   Let It Pour
  10.   Agenda Suicide
  11.   Rust and Bone
  12.   I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)
  13.   New World Alliance
  14.   Bloodpact
  15.   Shillelagh
  16.   War Pigs
  17.   Nib
  18.   Into The Void
  19.   Rats
  20.   Drive This Stake
  21.   Darkness Lives
  22.   Sorceress
  23.   Black Metal Bicycle
  24.   This Town
  25.   Technolokron
  26.   Smiling Politely
  27.   Satellites
  28.   Golden Tanks
  29.   Diamond Mine
  30.   Rally The Wicked
  31.   The Void
  32.   Bastard's Waltz
  33.   Kill Me Please...
  34.   Dead Wrong
  35.   Beelzebub
  36.   Bastards
  37.   Firecrack This
  38.   No More Bullshit
  39.   Ragin' Hard
  40.   We Are the Undead
  41.   Trust No One
  42.   Snake Mountain
  43.   Sleep This Away
  44.   So Jealous
  45.   Pray For Darkness
  46.   Lucifer's Rocking Chair
  47.   Deathsmarch
  48.   Arsenic in the Year of the Snake
  49.   Death Bros
  50.   All Hail
  51.   Cursed with a Conscience
  52.   Devil's Blood
  53.   Make Amends
  54.   Fake Gold
  55.   Harem of Scorpions
  56.   Ghost Bust That
  57.   Grenades
  58.   Drunken Physics
  59.   Zed's Dead, Baby
  60.   PMA 'Til I'm DOA
  61.   Breathe Armageddon
  62.   Doomed To Fail
  63.   R.A.T.S by Rob Urbinati
  64.   Buds
  65.   Bricks & Mortar
  66.   Engine Skull
  67.   Regret
  68.   Dusted
  69.   Scared To Death
  70.   Science is the Answer
  71.   Pneumonia Hawk
  72.   Old Blood
  73.   Raised Right
  74.   Butterscotch
  75.   Road Sick
  76.   Children Of The Grave
  77.   Pnuemonia Hawk
  78.   Bonus Material
  79.   D.S.O.L
  80.   In The Studio
  81.   Wolf Clan
  82.   The Great Divide
  83.   Sonic Mind Assult
  84.   Over It
  85.   Darkness