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Candlebox rode the grunge bandwagon to multi-platinum success in the early '90s, despite howls of protest from the Seattle faithful who considered their music a watered-down version of the genuine article. To be sure, Candlebox's take on grunge diluted the punk and indie elements inherent in its original form; instead, they were rooted in the bluesy, classic-style hard rock that grunge had ostensibly replaced. Their resulting commercial appeal made them highly suspect in the minds of authenticity-obsessed scenesters, and it didn't help matters that the band hadn't formed until well after the Seattle hype machine had begun. Nonetheless, Candlebox unwittingly helped usher in the post-grunge era; along with Bush, they showed how the more challenging aspects of grunge could be ironed out and polished into a sound that mainstream rock radio could embrace without reservation. Candlebox were formed in Seattle in December 1991 by singer/guitarist Kevin Martin, a native of Elgin, Illinois, who'd grown up partly in San Antonio, and drummer Scott Mercado. Initially calling the band Uncle Duke, they added lead guitarist Peter Klett and bassist Bardi Martin (no relation to Kevin) and changed the group's name to Candlebox, after a line in a Midnight Oil song. Their demo tape found its way to Madonna's Maverick label, which quickly resulted in a record deal in 1992. Candlebox's self-titled debut was released in 1993, and while the first single, "Change," began to build them a following, it wasn't until 1994, when the follow-up, "You," appeared, that Candlebox really started to take off. "You" gave them a breakthrough hit on mainstream rock radio, which set the stage for the success of "Far Behind," essentially a power ballad for the grunge era. "Far Behind" was a major hit on both mainstream and alternative radio, and also made the pop Top 20; its exposure helped Candlebox climb into the Top Ten on the LP chart and eventually sell over three million copies. By the time Candlebox returned with their second album, 1995's Lucy, the backlash was already in full swing. Partly because of the group's previous momentum, the lead single, "Simple Lessons," earned some rock radio airplay, and the album itself went gold and barely missed the Top Ten. However, it was largely ignored or dismissed by much of the mainstream media, and was ultimately hurt by a relative lack of memorable songs. In 1997, founding member Mercado left the band and was replaced by original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen. Candlebox's third album, Happy Pills, appeared in 1998 and marked a return to the more basic sound of their debut. "It's Alright," "10,000 Horses," and the title cut all landed some airplay, but the album sold poorly; by this time, countless bands were working in a similar style, and the band's early momentum had long since dissipated. Krusen departed in 1999, as did Bardi Martin; they were replaced by Shannon Larkin (ex-Ugly Kid Joe) and Rob Redick, respectively, but the group disbanded the following year. The original lineup of Martin, Klett, and Mercado re-formed for a handful of shows in 2006 to support the release of Rhino's Best of Candlebox compilation. The overall positive reunion stirred rumors of a new studio album, culminating in 2008's Into the Sun. In 2012, the band inked a deal with AudiNext/Fontana, who released their fifth studio album, Love Stories and Other Musings. ~ Steve Huey
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Albums by

Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Far Behind
  3.   You
  4.   Change
  5.   Cover Me
  6.   Simple Lessons
  7.   Blossom
  8.   He Calls Home
  9.   Don't You
  10.   Rain
  11.   Stand
  12.   Mother's Dream
  13.   Lover -- Come Back to Me
  14.   10,000 Horses
  15.   No Sense
  16.   Come Home
  17.   Arrow
  18.   Baby Love Me
  19.   Understanding
  20.   Lucy
  21.   It's Alright
  22.   No Lights
  23.   Blinders
  24.   Believe in It
  25.   Lifelike Song
  26.   Sometimes
  27.   She Come Over Me
  28.   Sweet Summertime
  29.   Vulgar Before Me
  30.   Drowned
  31.   Them Eyes
  32.   Offerings
  33.   I Want It Back
  34.   Turn Your Heart Around
  35.   Youth in Revolt
  36.   Into the Sun
  37.   Butterfly
  38.   Look What You've Done
  39.   Breakaway
  40.   Step Back
  41.   Can't Give In
  42.   Only Because of You
  43.   How Does It Feel
  44.   Miss You
  45.   It's Amazing
  46.   Bothered
  47.   Crooked Halo
  48.   Become (To Tell)
  49.   Best Friend
  50.   Happy Pills
  51.   Supernova
  52.   Vexatious
  53.   Breathe Me In (Intro)
  54.   Underneath It All
  55.   Surrendering
  56.   Consider Us
  57.   A Kiss Before
  58.   Far Behind/Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  59.   A Stone's Throw Away
  60.   Steel and Glass
  61.   Keep on Waiting
  62.   Gods Gift
  63.   Crazy
  64.   Spotlights
  65.   The Bridge
  66.   I've Got a Gun
  67.   Alive at Last
  68.   Bitches Brewin'
  69.   So Real
  70.   Belmore Place
  71.   Glowing Soul
  72.   Bonus Material

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