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Dan Snaith's early recordings as Manitoba underlined his status among the chattering electronic classes as one of the brightest talents to emerge during the early 2000s. Having already proved himself master of the sublime with his 2000 debut EP, People Eating Fruit, the Canadian's subsequent Paul's Birthday EP opened him out even further. After moving to London, he released an excellent second album, Up in Flames (2003), that saw him become a darling of critics. One year later, however, Snaith was forced to give up the name Manitoba after Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba sued for trademark infringement, despite the passing of 15 years since the release of the only material under his name. Snaith renamed his project Caribou, his two previous full-lengths were reissued under the new moniker, and he released his first new Caribou album, The Milk of Human Kindness, in 2005 for Domino. Snaith moved to Merge for 2007's gorgeous Brit psych-influenced Andorra -- which won Canada's 2008 Polaris Music Prize -- and 2010's more dancefloor-oriented Swim. Shortly after the release of Swim came two lesser entries in the Caribou discography, the self-explanatory Swim Remixes and a busy live album entitled Caribou Vibration Ensemble, both released in 2010. The latter found Snaith conducting a 15-piece ensemble that included four drummers over the course of several live dates in 2009. It would be four years before the sixth Caribou studio album emerged with the bouncy underwater rhythms of 2014's Our Love. ~ Kingsley Marshall
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  1.   Song
  2.   Odessa
  3.   Melody Day
  4.   Sun
  5.   Lalibela
  6.   Can't Do Without You
  7.   She's the One
  8.   Kaili
  9.   Bowls
  10.   Irene
  11.   Our Love
  12.   Sundialing
  13.   Sandy
  14.   Niobe
  15.   Second Chance
  16.   Crayon by Manitoba
  17.   Your Love Will Set You Free
  18.   Eli
  19.   Hannibal
  20.   Skunks by Manitoba
  21.   Back Home
  22.   Leave House
  23.   Jamelia
  24.   After Hours
  25.   Dundas, Ontario by Manitoba
  26.   Found Out
  27.   Julia Brightly
  28.   218 Beverly by Manitoba
  29.   Webers by Manitoba
  30.   Desiree
  31.   Hendrix with Ko by Manitoba
  32.   Mars
  33.   Dive
  34.   All I Ever Need
  35.   Melody Day
  36.   Zoe
  37.   Cherrybomb, Pt. 2
  38.   Cherrybomb
  39.   Lemon Yoghourt by Manitoba
  40.   Air Doom by Manitoba
  41.   If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be an Airport by Manitoba
  42.   Anna & Nina by Manitoba
  43.   Evan Likes Driving by Manitoba
  44.   Victor and Carolyn by Manitoba
  45.   Bijoux by Manitoba
  46.   I've Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life by Manitoba
  47.   Tits & Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend by Manitoba
  48.   Silver
  49.   Dorian Benediction
  50.   Ach Who by Manitoba
  51.   Jacknuggeted by Manitoba
  52.   Lemon Yoghurt
  53.   Twins by Manitoba
  54.   Seaweed
  55.   Lord Leopard
  56.   Thistles and Felt
  57.   Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday by Manitoba
  58.   Bees
  59.   Silver Splinters
  60.   Olé
  61.   Yeti
  62.   Spiritually Immature Mansion
  63.   Boreal Forest Opper
  64.   Subotnick
  65.   A Final Warning
  66.   Hands First
  67.   Hello Hammerheads
  68.   Brahminy Kite
  69.   Drumheller
  70.   Pelican Narrows
  71.   Barnowl
  72.   The Spirituality Immature Mansion
  73.   Marino
  74.   Handelschnapp
  75.   Sunsemame
  76.   The Barn
  77.   Hummingbird
  78.   I Can't Do Without You

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