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San Diego-based "deathcore" outfit Carnifex formed in Fallbrook, California in 2005 around the talents of Scott Lewis (vocals), Shawn Cameron (drums), Rick James (guitar), and Kevin Vargas (bass). After releasing a self-titled demo through Enclave Records, James and Vargas departed, and were replaced by bassist Steve McMahon and guitarist Travis Whiting, resulting in the 2006 EP Love Lies in Ashes. The band inked a deal with This City Is Burning Records in 2007 and released their full-length debut, Dead in My Arms, during which the band recruited a second guitar player, Jake Anderson, for a tour that included dates with Whitechapel and Emmure. The following year, Carnifex signed with Victory Records and endured another lineup change with the departure of McMahon and Anderson and the addition of Fred Calderon and Ryan Gudmunds. The group's sophomore outing, 2008's The Diseased and the Poisoned, peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, while their third release, 2009's Hell Chose Me, sold over 3,000 copies in its very first week. The well-received Until I Feel Nothing arrived in 2011, followed in 2014 by their critically acclaimed, Nuclear Blast-issued fifth long-player, Die Without Hope. 2016's Slow Death saw the band refining their sound, expanding on some of the classical and electronic elements that began creeping in on Die Without Hope. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dark Days
  3.   Condemned to Decay
  4.   Lie to My Face
  5.   Hatred and Slaughter
  6.   Hell Chose Me
  7.   Entombed Monarch
  8.   Innocence Died Screaming
  9.   In Coalesce with Filth and Faith
  10.   The Nature of Depravity
  11.   The Liar's Funeral
  12.   These Thoughts Became Cages
  13.   Sorrowspell
  14.   Aortic Dissection
  15.   Until I Feel Nothing
  16.   Names Mean Nothing
  17.   Drown Me in Blood
  18.   A Grave to Blame
  19.   Collaborating Like Killers
  20.   Reflection of the Forgotten
  21.   Heartless
  22.   Slit Wrist Savior
  23.   Last Words
  24.   Curse My Name
  25.   Shivers
  26.   Buzzwack
  27.   Dead Archetype
  28.   Redemption and Regret
  29.   Death Awaits
  30.   Intro
  31.   Countess of the Crescent Moon
  32.   Life Fades to a Funeral
  33.   Slow Death
  34.   Dark Heart Ceremony
  35.   Six Feet Closer to Hell
  36.   Rotten Souls
  37.   Dragged Into the Grave
  38.   Die Without Hope
  39.   Salvation is Dead
  40.   Never Forgive Me
  41.   Dehumanize
  42.   Dead But Dreaming
  43.   We Spoke of Lies
  44.   Deathwish
  45.   Violator
  46.   Superstition
  47.   Fireflash
  48.   The Scope Of Obsession
  49.   Genocide Initiative
  50.   An Event of the Fallen
  51.   New Force
  52.   Enthroned in Isolation
  53.   Among Grim Shadows
  54.   Sadistic Embrace
  55.   To My Dead and Dark Dreams
  56.   The Diseased and the Poisoned
  57.   Adornment of the Sickened
  58.   Suffering
  59.   Love Lies in Ashes
  60.   Dead in My Arms
  61.   Dead in My Eyes
  62.   My Heart in Atrophy
  63.   A Winter in Remorse
  64.   Hope Dies with the Decadent
  65.   Wretched Entropy
  66.   Answers in Mourning
  67.   The Undertaker
  68.   By Darkness Enslaved
  69.   Tragedy in Remission
  70.   Pale Ghost
  71.   Freaxxling
  72.   Where the Light Dies
  73.   Black Candles Burning
  74.   Necrotoxic
  75.   Creation Defaced
  76.   Servants to the Horde
  77.   [CD-Rom Track]

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