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Casual was third out the gate (following Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Souls of Mischief) from the Hieroglyphics crew, the undisputed kings of the Oakland underground scene. Casual's stature suggests that he may be the crew's bodyguard, until the mic is in his hand and the MC commences his verbal onslaught. Anything but casual in the sound booth, the gifted freestyler, known for his fierce battle tactics, dropped the moody Fear Itself in 1994 to a chorus of cheers from the underground set. Cas scored underground hits with "Didn't Mean To" and "That's How It Is," but overall, the Hiero sound takes an edgy, soulful turn on Fear. The album goes from playful to hyper-psychedelic with tracks like the brawling "Chained Minds." Casual mostly chilled on the low for a couple of years, despite his well-publicized vicious freestyle wars with one-time Hiero affiliate Saafir in 1994-1995. Cas returned with the limited-edition albums Meanwhile and VIP in 1997 and 1999. Cas also put in work on the heralded Hiero compilation Third Eye Vision in 1998. He Think He Raw (2001) and Smash Rockwell (2005) followed. ~ Michael Di Bella
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  1.   Song
  2.   Respect Game or Expect Flames
  3.   A Little Something
  4.   Basement by Opio
  5.   The Authority
  6.   Casualties
  7.   Casual-ual
  8.   Baseball
  9.   The Scandle
  10.   900 Rhymes A Minute
  11.   You Ain't Gotta Lie
  12.   Shrimp Fried Rice by Tajai
  13.   Freestyle
  14.   I Didn't Mean To
  15.   He Think He #Rapgod
  16.   Body Language
  17.   Santa Claus
  18.   Feel Like Busting by Opio
  19.   This Is For My...
  20.   The Best At It
  21.   Upper Echelon
  22.   Living Casual featuring Deltrice
  23.   Tears
  24.   Round Here
  25.   12354 featuring Opio
  26.   Dogon Don
  27.   #Rapgod
  28.   Where Do I Go featuring Nate
  29.   Man Wit Hustle by Mike Frost
  30.   Westcoast G'Z featuring Lil Wicked
  31.   Thoughts of the Thoughtful
  32.   We Got It Like That
  33.   Princess
  34.   Gangsta Party
  35.   Me-O-Mi-O
  36.   Girlfriend
  37.   We Servin' Y'all
  38.   Nota Problem, Pt. 2
  39.   Dee Jays
  40.   Intro
  41.   Chained Minds
  42.   Follow the Funk
  43.   This Calls for a Drink
  44.   The Department
  45.   Lose in the End
  46.   La Danse du Fessie
  47.   Flamethrower
  48.   Years Ago
  49.   Sushi by Mr. Town
  50.   I'm On featuring Mistah F.A.B.
  51.   Mama by The Grouch
  52.   Lieza
  53.   Give Respect
  54.   Summertime
  55.   That's How It Is
  56.   Dumb Sh*t
  57.   Gas Ignited
  58.   Craziest Story
  59.   Mic Memorial
  60.   Be Thousand
  61.   The Emcee Casual (Rappin Bout Rappin)
  62.   California Love featuring Stalker
  63.   The Dramatic Type
  64.   Hip Hop Chicks
  65.   This Is How We Rip S**t
  66.   Hier-O-Dot
  67.   Emergency
  68.   Reign
  69.   Eggnog
  70.   Fake
  71.   Body Language by Ras Kass
  72.   Who Do Dat
  73.   We Made You Guys
  74.   Surely, I'm Right
  75.   You Flunked
  76.   Balling Out Of Control
  77.   Find a New
  78.   Get Off It
  79.   Shake That Ass
  80.   Around the World
  81.   Shine
  82.   Jackers and Breakers
  83.   Fly
  84.   It Don't Matter
  85.   Aint Tryna Hear

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