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Dealing in hardcore punk that's punctuated with explosive fits of sonic violence, Ceremony formed in the California Bay area in 2005. With a sound that fused the no-nonsense hardcore of bands like Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies with the unpredictable outbursts of Dillinger Escape Plan, the band cultivated a brutal sound that owed just as much to power violence as it did to old-school punk. In 2006, the band made their full-length debut with Violence, Violence, a 13-song, 13-minute long album that found the band exploding onto the scene in a burst of unfiltered aggression. The quintet followed up with a pair of releases, 2008's Still, Nothing Moves You and 2010's Rohnert Park, released on Bridge 9 Records. The band eventually began to tinker with their sound, tempering their raw, aggressive approach with post-punk influences like Wire and the Fall. After a surprising move to indie giant Matador, the band debuted their new sound in 2012 with the release of their fourth album, Zoo. By the time of 2015's L-Shaped Man, traces of their hardcore roots were all but gone in favor of a more melodic, brooding sound that recalled bands like Joy Division and Bauhaus. ~ Gregory Heaney
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  1.   Song
  2.   Hysteria
  3.   Sick Boys
  4.   Bleeder
  5.   See Through by Ceremony
  6.   In Facile
  7.   All the Time
  8.   Ghosts
  9.   Every Corner A Liquor Store
  10.   Clouds of Fire
  11.   Making With The Stale Air
  12.   Walking Home
  13.   Twenty Four Hour Fever Watch
  14.   Citizen
  15.   Hard Times
  16.   Pressure's On
  17.   Left Here All Alone by Ceremony
  18.   Entropy: No Meaning Is Also an Answer
  19.   Free by Ceremony
  20.   This Is My War
  21.   Friends Like You
  22.   Moving Principle
  23.   The Party
  24.   Terminal Addiction
  25.   Violence
  26.   Hotel
  27.   Seventh Wonder by Ceremony
  28.   Vagrant
  29.   Repeating the Circle
  30.   Without You by Ceremony
  31.   Community Service
  32.   A Blight on Mental Health
  33.   The Pathos
  34.   Kersed
  35.   Open Head
  36.   Bite Down
  37.   The Doldrums (Friendly City)
  38.   It's Going to Be a Cold Winter
  39.   Adult
  40.   Cross Them Out
  41.   Birth. Conspire. Be. Upset.
  42.   Nail
  43.   Your Life in America
  44.   Hibernation
  45.   Don't Leave Me Behind
  46.   Dont Touch Me
  47.   Cheese by Ceremony
  48.   Carrying Flowers
  49.   He -- God -- Has Favored Our Undertakings
  50.   Dead Moon California (Midnight in Solitude)
  51.   Asleep
  52.   I Want to Put This to an End
  53.   My Life by Ceremony
  54.   Sick
  55.   Troubled Waters
  56.   Root of the World
  57.   Exit Fears
  58.   Life As A War
  59.   You're All the Same
  60.   The Separation
  61.   Uneven Pavement
  62.   Video
  63.   Pride (Times Are Changing)
  64.   My Hands Are Made of Spite
  65.   Ordinary People
  66.   The Bridge
  67.   The Pattern
  68.   Living Hell
  69.   It Rained In My Head
  70.   Mothers and Fathers
  71.   Fading Sounds of Your Life
  72.   Quarantine
  73.   Attitude
  74.   Along
  75.   Journey to the End of the East Bay
  76.   World Blue
  77.   Another Lost Soul by Ceremony
  78.   Active Mind by Ceremony
  79.   Plutocratic Swine Rake
  80.   The Understanding
  81.   Feel Like A Man
  82.   Nigh To Life
  83.   Eraser Making Its Way Its Only Job
  84.   Down Day by Ceremony
  85.   Filthy Grudge by Ceremony
  86.   Into the Wayside Part II
  87.   Your Life in France
  88.   Overcast
  89.   The Lines In My Forehead
  90.   Brace Yourself
  91.   Throwing Bricks
  92.   Venom In Denim by Ceremony
  93.   M.C.D.F.
  94.   Back In '84
  95.   Nosebleed