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The Charlatans

No relation to the British alternative rock band of the same name, the San Francisco-based Charlatans have been widely credited as starting the Haight-Ashbury psychedelic scene. In retrospect, their contribution was more of a social one, planting seeds of a rock counterculture with their unconventional, at times outrageous dress and attitudes. While they occasionally delved into guitar distortion and fractured, stoned songwriting, the Charlatans' music was rooted in good-time jug band blues, not psychedelic freak-outs. That's not to say their records didn't have a low-key, easygoing charm, although they didn't match the innovations of the Jefferson Airplane and other peers. Cutting demos for a couple labels in 1966, most of the material they recorded at this time was unissued, and the commercial explosion of San Francisco rock passed them by. The band eventually did release a nationally distributed album in the late '60s, by which time personnel changes had diluted some of the crazy energy of the original lineup, although the LP has its engaging moments. ~ Richie Unterberger
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The Charlatans

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The Charlatans

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The Charlatans

  1.   Song
  2.   We're Not on the Same Trip
  3.   Wabash Cannonball
  4.   How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?
  5.   Baby Won't You Tell Me
  6.   When the Movies Are Over
  7.   Sidetrack
  8.   Doubtful Waltz
  9.   I Always Wanted a Girl Like You
  10.   Devil Got My Man
  11.   Steppin' in Society
  12.   East Virginia
  13.   Codine Blues
  14.   High Coin
  15.   Time to Get Straight
  16.   Commercial Promo
  17.   Number One
  18.   Love Is the Key by The Charlatans UK
  19.   Groom N' Clean Ad
  20.   Ain't Got the Time
  21.   Alabama Bound
  22.   Folsom Prison Blues
  23.   Easy When I'm Dead
  24.   Jack of Diamonds
  25.   The Shadow Knows
  26.   I Saw Her
  27.   32-20 Blues
  28.   By Hook or by Crook
  29.   Devil
  30.   Walkin'
  31.   The Blues Ain't Nothin'
  32.   Impossible by The Charlatans UK
  33.   Watching You/Tony's Bar & Grill by The Charlatans UK
  34.   When I Go Sailin' By
  35.   Senses by The Charlatans UK
  36.   Forever by The Charlatans UK
  37.   A House Is Not a Home by The Charlatans UK
  38.   The Blonde Waltz by The Charlatans UK
  39.   My Beautiful Friend by The Charlatans UK
  40.   The Blind Stagger by The Charlatans UK
  41.   Good Witch, Bad Witch 3 by The Charlatans UK
  42.   Radio Advert
  43.   I Got Mine
  44.   I Don't Care Where You Live by The Charlatans UK
  45.   Sweet Sue, Just You
  46.   Codine
  47.   32:20
  48.   Blackened Blue Eyes
  49.   The Only One I Know
  50.   'Long Come a Viper

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