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Charlie Wilson

As lead singer for the Gap Band, Charlie Wilson sang on four number one R&B hits: "Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)," "Early in the Morning," "Outstanding," and "Addicted to Your Love" -- as well as the classics "You Dropped a Bomb on Me," "Yearning for Your Love," "Party Train," and "Big Fun." The band had three platinum albums and two gold certificates, and supplied hit singles for the movie soundtracks to Penitentiary III ("Sweeter Than Candy") and Keenan Ivory Wayans' I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (the title track, which reached the R&B Top 20). After a long hiatus, Wilson returned in 2000 with Bridging the Gap, issued by Interscope and sporting appearances by Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg (the smooth "Big Pimpin'") and Case (on the duet ballad "Another Man"). The album became an R&B hit and brushed the Top 200 album chart as well. His 2005 LP Charlie, Last Name Wilson hit the Top Ten thanks to the success of the title track and "Magic." Uncle Charlie, highlighted by "Supa Sexxy" (featuring T-Pain and Jamie Foxx), followed in 2009 and reached number two; the album, as well as "There Goes My Baby,” were nominated for Grammy Awards. Released in 2010, Just Charlie landed in the Top 20, and the ballad "You Are" was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Love, Charlie (2013) and Forever Charlie (2015) added to his pile of Top Ten R&B albums as he continued to be a major arena-level draw as a headlining act. ~ Ed Hogan
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Charlie Wilson

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Albums by
Charlie Wilson

Top Songs by
Charlie Wilson

  1.   Song
  2.   You Are
  3.   There Goes My Baby
  4.   Can't Live Without You
  5.   Life of the Party
  6.   Charlie, Last Name Wilson
  7.   I Still Have You
  8.   Big Pimpin' featuring Nate Dogg
  9.   Magic
  10.   My Love Is All I Have
  11.   My Favorite Part of You
  12.   Turn Off the Lights
  13.   Goodnight Kisses
  14.   Let's Chill
  15.   No Words
  16.   Touched by an Angel
  17.   A Million Ways to Love You
  18.   I Wanna Be Your Man
  19.   Unforgettable by Shaggy
  20.   Our Anniversary
  21.   I Can't Let Go
  22.   Floatin'
  23.   Whisper by Keith Sweat
  24.   My Girl Is a Dime
  25.   My Guarantee
  26.   Somebody Loves You
  27.   My Baby
  28.   Never Got Enough
  29.   Charlie's Jam
  30.   Supa Sexy featuring Jamie Foxx
  31.   Me and You Forever
  32.   Birthday Dress
  33.   Hey Lover
  34.   Infectious by Snoop Dogg
  35.   Show You
  36.   What You Do to Me
  37.   Back to Love
  38.   Asking Questions
  39.   Burn Rubber
  40.   Time
  41.   Just Like Summertime
  42.   Say
  43.   If I Believe
  44.   Where Would I Be
  45.   Thinkin' of You
  46.   One Time
  47.   Musta Heard
  48.   Thru It All
  49.   Sprung on Me
  50.   Here I Am
  51.   Oooh Wee
  52.   Once and Forever
  53.   Lotto
  54.   Crying For You
  55.   Can't Live Wtihout You
  56.   You Got Nerve
  57.   What If I'm the One
  58.   So Hot
  59.   Please Believe Me
  60.   I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  61.   Come into My Love Life
  62.   Realize
  63.   You Turn My Life Around
  64.   I Think I'm in Love
  65.   Supa Sexxy
  66.   Love, Love, Love
  67.   Homeless
  68.   Cry No More
  69.   Absolutely
  70.   Come Back My Way
  71.   Him or Me
  72.   Now Ya Sayin' Bye
  73.   For Your Love
  74.   Can I Take You Home
  75.   Would You Mind
  76.   Palolo
  77.   I Found My Baby
  78.   Confess Your Love
  79.   This Is My Prayer
  80.   Shawty Come Back
  81.   Sexual Healing by Charles Wilson
  82.   Without You
  83.   Another Man by Case
  84.   A Wonderful One
  85.   Sweet Love
  86.   Things You Do
  87.   Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea. by Snoop Dogg
  88.   Charlie's Angel
  89.   Let It Out
  90.   Candlelight
  91.   Hilo March
  92.   Hay Lover
  93.   Party Train