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Chastity Belt

Taking cues from both the politics of the riot grrrl scene and the intricate, moody guitar-based sound of early-'90s Pacific Northwestern indie bands like Sleater-Kinney and Autoclave, Walla Walla, Washington-based Chastity Belt formed in 2010. The band consisted of lead vocalist/guitarist Julia Shapiro, bassist Annie Truscott, drummer Gretchen Grimm, and guitarist Lydia Lund. The group quickly integrated irreverent humor into its seemingly serious musical presence. Apart from witty and cutting lyrical content, the band named its first locally circulated demo recordings Fuck Chastity Belt and later shot press photos that portrayed Shapiro wearing a chastity belt made out of a raw steak. They continued this trend when releasing their proper debut, No Regerts, in 2013, subtly but intentionally misspelling "No Regrets" as one might on a horribly, ironically botched tattoo. The band toured heavily in support of No Regerts, and returned in early 2015 with sophomore album Time to Go Home on their new label home of Hardly Art Records. Chastity Belt traveled to Portland, Oregon to record fresh material with producer Matthew Simms in the summer of 2016. The result was I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, a moodier and more personal third album from the group that was released by Hardly Art in June 2017. ~ Fred Thomas
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Chastity Belt

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Chastity Belt

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Chastity Belt

  1.   Song
  2.   Joke
  3.   Different Now
  4.   Caught in a Lie
  5.   5am
  6.   IDC
  7.   I'm Fine
  8.   Lydia
  9.   Used to Spend
  10.   Why Try
  11.   Something Else
  12.   Complain
  13.   This Time of Night
  14.   Stuck
  15.   What the Hell
  16.   Don't Worry
  17.   Bender
  18.   On the Floor
  19.   Drone
  20.   Time to Go Home
  21.   It's Obvious
  22.   Trapped
  23.   Cool Slut
  24.   The Thing

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