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Cheap Girls

Lansing, Michigan trio Cheap Girls' high-energy, nostalgic pop-meets-punk sound lands somewhere between the Replacements and Superchunk. Comprised of singer/bassist/acoustic guitarist Ian Graham, his drummer/percussionist brother Ben Graham and guitarist Adam Aymor, the band formed in 2007 with the objective of playing back-to-basics rock. Their first album, the self-released Find Me a Drink Home, arrived the following year. A busy touring schedule followed, making way for sophomore record My Roaring 20s, released on Paper + Plastick, which also reissued Find Me a Drink Home. In 2010, Cheap Girls played with Against Me! for the first time, a meeting which grew into a U.S. tour together the following year, and securing Tom Gabel to produce their next record at his new studio. The result was Giant Orange, a collection of road-tested songs showcasing the band's giant hooks and cohesiveness, which arrived on Rise in February 2012. ~ Chrysta Cherrie
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Cheap Girls

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Cheap Girls

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Cheap Girls

  1.   Song
  2.   Ruby
  3.   27 Days
  4.   Sleeping Weather
  5.   I Had a Motorcycle
  6.   Man in Question
  7.   Knock Me Over
  8.   Second Floor
  9.   Dim Lights
  10.   Hey Hey, I'm Worn Out
  11.   Sunnyside
  12.   The Same Thing
  13.   Modern Faces
  14.   Twice as Much
  15.   Gone All Summer
  16.   I Know, Right?
  17.   Kerosene
  18.   Lousy
  19.   All My Clean Friends
  20.   7-8 Years
  21.   Turns
  22.   Short Cut Days
  23.   Through to Me
  24.   Kill Your Mood
  25.   I Should Never
  26.   Stay High (Magic)
  27.   Stop Now
  28.   No One to Blame
  29.   If You Can't Swim
  30.   Mercy-Go-'Round
  31.   Manhattan on Mute
  32.   Pacer
  33.   Parking Lot
  34.   Communication Blues
  35.   Kind of on Purpose
  36.   Cored to Empty
  37.   A Lesser Rate
  38.   Something That I Need
  39.   Right Way
  40.   Amazing Grace
  41.   Ft. Lauderdale
  42.   Pure Hate
  43.   Big Surprise
  44.   Her and Cigarettes
  45.   One & Four
  46.   Brand New Hairstyle
  47.   Lab Technicians
  48.   Better Thoughts Instead
  49.   On/Off Switches
  50.   Splintered
  51.   Living Like Hell
  52.   Slow Nod
  53.   Thought Senseless

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