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Cheech & Chong

At their peak in the 1970s, Cheech & Chong represented the mainstream embodiment of the attitudes and lifestyles of the underground drug culture. Much as W.C. Fields shot to fame by making alcohol the focus of his act, the duo of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong emerged from a cloud of pot smoke, simultaneously championing and lampooning the stoner community that became the team's most ardent supporters; although derided by critics and dismissed by the general populace, the team's stature as counterculture heroes was unquestioned, and for both aging hippies and dazed-and-confused teens, their comedy defined an era. The team began to take shape in the late '60s when, after entering show business as a guitarist in a rock band, Chong established City Works, a wild improvisational troupe later joined by Richard "Cheech" Marin. When City Works dissolved, Cheech & Chong continued as a duo, formulating a musical comedy act. The music proved short-lived, however, when audiences began reacting favorably to the team's spacy pothead raps; after establishing their comic persona, the duo rarely deviated from the course -- for record after record and film after film, they remained blissed-out stoners, their humor locked in the druggy stasis of the doper mentality. Cheech & Chong debuted in 1971 with an eponymous LP featuring studio sketches like "Waiting for Dave" (a circular routine owing a debt to Bob & Ray), "Cruisin' with Pedro" (about drug-deal paranoia), and "Trippin' in Court." The album was a tremendous success, and its 1972 follow-up, Big Bambu (a record packaged in a giant rolling paper), reached the number two spot on the Billboard charts. The following year's Grammy-winning Los Cochinos duplicated the feat, and included the novelty hit "Basketball Jones." After 1974's Wedding Album (which featured the hit "Earache My Eye") and 1976's Sleeping Beauty, Cheech & Chong had built enough of a cult following to make the leap into films. Their 1978 feature debut, Up in Smoke, established the formula followed by all of their subsequent movies, quickly dispensing with plot in order to focus on surreal narrative detours and long meandering conversations between the principal characters. With the exception of 1980's Let's Make a New Dope Deal, the duo spent the next several years working exclusively on films, releasing a rapid-fire string of comedies like 1980's Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, 1981's Nice Dreams, and 1983's Still Smokin. As the hedonism of the 1970s gave way to the "just say no" conservatism of the Reagan era, Cheech & Chong found little response to their trademark brand of humor; after 1984's The Corsican Brothers, their film career ended, and in 1985 they returned to the recording studio for their swan song LP, Get Out of My Room. After dissolving their partnership, both spent the remainder of the decade appearing in low-budget films; by 1993, Marin even recorded a children's album, My Name Is Cheech, the School Bus Driver. While Chong largely drifted into obscurity, Marin enjoyed a renaissance in the middle of the 1990s, appearing in the Robert Rodriguez films Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn; a prominent supporting role in Ron Shelton's romantic comedy Tin Cup led to a co-starring role opposite Don Johnson in the CBS detective series Nash Bridges. In 1997 Chong made a guest appearance on the program, marking the duo's first public reunion in a number of years. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dave
  3.   Santa Claus and His Old Lady
  4.   Let's Make a Dope Deal
  5.   Jimmy
  6.   Basketball Jones
  7.   Earache My Eye
  8.   Up in Smoke
  9.   Sister Mary Elephant
  10.   Framed
  11.   1st Gear, 2nd Gear
  12.   Crusin' With Pedro de Pacas
  13.   Uncle Pervy
  14.   Trippin' in Court
  15.   Pedro's Request
  16.   Acapulco Gold Filters
  17.   White World of Sports
  18.   Vietnam
  19.   Sometimes When You Gotta Go, You Can't
  20.   Sargent Stadanko
  21.   Peter Rooter
  22.   Lard Ass
  23.   Acupuncture
  24.   Blind Melon Chitlin'
  25.   TWAT (Tactical Women's Alert Team)
  26.   Sleeping Beauty
  27.   Waiting For Dave
  28.   The Finkelstein Shit Kid
  29.   The Continuing Adventures of Pedro de Pacas and Man
  30.   The Big Sniff by Ralph & Herbie
  31.   The Ajax Lady
  32.   The Adventures of Red & Roy
  33.   Born in East L.A.
  34.   Les Morpions
  35.   Television Medley: Let's Make a Dope Deal
  36.   Up in Smoke Reprise
  37.   The Pope: Live at the Vatican
  38.   Wink Dinkerson
  39.   Cheborneck
  40.   Pachuco
  41.   Cheech and Chong Anthem (Weed Are the World Tm)
  42.   Bajito Y Suavecito
  43.   Smoke a Doobie Time
  44.   Welcome to Mexico
  45.   Television Medley: Unamerican Bandstand
  46.   Ralph and Herbie
  47.   Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course
  48.   Don't Bug Me
  49.   Coming Attractions
  50.   Television Medley: Tortured Old Man
  51.   One Day
  52.   Paranoid Pot Head
  53.   (Another Hit of) Marijuana
  54.   Wake up America
  55.   Up His Nose
  56.   The Stupid Early Show
  57.   The Strawberry Revival Festival
  58.   The Music Lessons
  59.   The Bust
  60.   Testimonial by R. Zimmerman
  61.   Television Medley: Empire Hancock
  62.   Sushi Bar
  63.   Streets of New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco Or...
  64.   Strawberry's
  65.   Rock Fight
  66.   Rebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip
  67.   Rainbow Bar & Grill
  68.   Radio News
  69.   Queer Wars
  70.   Pedro and Man at the Drive-Inn
  71.   Moe Money (Includes 'Rudolph the Red Nosed)
  72.   Low Rider
  73.   Lost Due To Incompetence
  74.   Juan Coyote
  75.   I Didn't Know Your Name Was Alex
  76.   Here Come the Mounties to the Rescue
  77.   Get out of My Room
  78.   Emergency Ward
  79.   Dorm Radio III
  80.   Dorm Radio I
  81.   Dork Radio
  82.   Disco Disco
  83.   China Town
  84.   17th American Tour
  85.   Black Lassie (A Great American Dog)
  86.   Bloat On
  87.   I'm a (Modern) Man
  88.   Searchin'
  89.   Pretty Boy Alice
  90.   Warren Beatty
  91.   Championship Wrestling
  92.   Love Is Strange
  93.   I'm Not Home Right Now
  94.   The Three Little Pigs
  95.   The Other Tapes
  96.   Hey Margaret
  97.   The Baby Sitters
  98.   Medical Marijuana Blues