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Inspired by the lurching riffs of Helmet and the soft-loud vocal dynamics of Tool, Chicago-based trio Chevelle formed in 1995 with an aggressive, heavy sound. Comprising brothers Sam (drums), Pete (vocals, guitar), and Joe Loeffler (bass), the band began playing parties and outdoor events, which quickly led to bookings at Chicago clubs when youngest member Joe was just 14 years old. In 1999, Chevelle released their Steve Albini-produced debut album, Point #1, on Squint Entertainment. Three years later -- and following tours with bands like Filter, Sevendust, Powerman 5000, and Machine Head -- the band had inked a deal with Epic and issued Wonder What's Next, released in August 2002. The album went platinum by the following summer, propelled in part by its second single, "Send the Pain Below," which became a number one hit on modern rock and mainstream radio. Main stage dates with the annual Ozzfest tour followed that summer, and 2003 brought a concert album, Live from the Road. Chevelle returned in the fall of 2004 with their third full-length effort, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), and with it came another hit song, "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)." Joe parted ways with his brothers in July 2005, and though he was replaced on bass a month later by Dean Bernardini, Chevelle remained a family affair, since Bernardini was the siblings' brother-in-law. With the new member came a newfound energy and optimism that replaced the internal bickering of the past, and the guys carried that spirit into the recording of their next two albums, 2007's Vena Sera and 2009's Sci-Fi Crimes. The following year, the band celebrated its ten-year anniversary in the music business with a pair of live shows in Chicago, later released on the DVD Any Last Words. In 2011, Chevelle announced that they were taking a break from touring to head into the studio, eventually releasing their sixth album, Hats Off to the Bull, in the winter of that year. Following the touring cycle for that album, they went back into the studio with Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age), utilizing the producer's vast collection of percussion instruments to subtly reinvent their sound once again. Arriving in early 2014, their next release was the groovy, aggressive single "Take Out the Gunman," from their seventh album, La Gárgola, which followed in April of that year. Two years later, the band released its eighth album, North Corridor. The heavier direction -- once again produced by Joe Barresi -- was showcased by lead single "Joyride (Omens)." ~ Tracy Frey
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   The Red
  3.   Send the Pain Below
  4.   I Get It
  5.   Face to the Floor
  6.   Letter from a Thief
  7.   Hats Off to the Bull
  8.   The Clincher
  9.   Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
  10.   Take Out the Gunman
  11.   Jars
  12.   Well Enough Alone
  13.   Door to Door Cannibals
  14.   Hunter Eats Hunter
  15.   The Fad
  16.   Joyride (Omen)
  17.   Rivers
  18.   Same Old Trip
  19.   Closure
  20.   Comfortable Liar
  21.   Shameful Metaphors
  22.   Don't Fake This
  23.   Get Some
  24.   Forfeit
  25.   Family System
  26.   Still Running
  27.   An Evening with El Diablo
  28.   Wonder What's Next
  29.   Got Burned
  30.   Sleep Apnea
  31.   Panic Prone
  32.   Young Wicked
  33.   Breach Birth
  34.   Another Know It All
  35.   Prove to You
  36.   Jawbreaker
  37.   Fizgig
  38.   The Meddler
  39.   Highland's Apparition
  40.   Bend the Bracket
  41.   Grab Thy Hand
  42.   Point #1
  43.   An Island
  44.   Clones
  45.   Tug-O-War
  46.   Antisaint
  47.   Twinge
  48.   Safewaters
  49.   It's No Good
  50.   Mia
  51.   Piñata
  52.   Emotional Drought
  53.   Enemies
  54.   To Return
  55.   Punchline
  56.   Arise
  57.   Braniac
  58.   (High) Visibility
  59.   Saturdays
  60.   Midnight to Midnight
  61.   Anticipation
  62.   The Damned
  63.   One Ocean
  64.   Prima Donna
  65.   Ruse
  66.   Sleepwalking Elite
  67.   Mexican Sun
  68.   Paint the Seconds
  69.   Straight Jacket Fashion
  70.   Brainiac
  71.   One Lonely Visitor
  72.   Blank Earth
  73.   Dos
  74.   Open
  75.   Shot from a Cannon
  76.   Warhol's Showbiz
  77.   Under the Knife
  78.   Choking Game
  79.   Revenge
  80.   Roswell's Spell
  81.   Fell into Your Shoes
  82.   A New Momentum
  83.   Black Boys On Mopeds
  84.   Humanoid
  85.   Saferwaters
  86.   Until You're Reformed
  87.   Peer
  88.   SMA
  89.   Skeptic
  90.   Long
  91.   Interlewd
  92.   This Circus
  93.   Envy
  94.   Ouija Board
  95.   Last Days

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