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Formed in 1998, the Cleveland, Ohio-based hardcore sextet Chimaira consists of singer/screamer Mark Hunter, guitarists Matt DeVries (who replaced Jason Hager in mid-2001) and Rob Arnold, bassist Jim LaMarca, drummer Andols Herrick, and electronic specialist Chris Spicuzza. The band's mixture of hardcore, metal, and electronics proved to be a big hit back home, as they sold 10,000 copies of their independently issued debut EP, This Present Darkness, leading to an appearance on the now-defunct USA Network TV show Farmclub. The band opened for the likes of Soulfly, Hatebreed, Spineshank, and Snapcase and was eventually signed to Roadrunner Records, issuing their 14-track debut full-length, Pass Out of Existence, in August 2001. The Impossibility of Reason followed on Roadrunner in May 2003, and Chimaira supported the effort with extensive touring, including dates with In Flames and appearances at Ozzfest 2003. After the release of the DVD collection The Dehumanization Process and addition of new drummer Kevin Talley (ex-Misery Index) in 2004, the band unleashed its third album, Chimaira, in 2005. Though a strong record, internal problems and ones with their label threatened to tear the band apart in the months following its release. They soldiered through it all, however, and by fall 2006 Chimaira had moved on from Roadrunner, inked a new deal over at Ferret, and began work on new material. Earlier that year, the band also welcomed back original drummer Andols Herrick. More of a team writing effort than their last album, the resulting Resurrection appeared in early March 2007 courtesy of a rejuvenated band, and Chimaira supported its release on the road with Killswitch Engage and Dragonforce. In 2009, the band released its fifth album, The Infection. The album did well, hitting number 30 on the Billboard chart, but the news was quickly dampened the following year when bassist Jim LaMarca announced he was retiring from the band to settle down and focus on his family. The band recruited Dååth's Emil Werstler, who had previously worked with the band as a touring guitarist, to fill LaMarca's shoes in 2011. There were more lineup changes that year with Spicuzza and Herrick leaving the band, with Sean Zatorsky and Austin D'Amond replacing them. Despite this whirlwind of changes, Chimaira managed to release their album Age of Hell in 2011. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Nothing Remains
  3.   Pure Hatred
  4.   Save Ourselves
  5.   Cleansation
  6.   Comatose
  7.   Resurrection
  8.   Pleasure in Pain
  9.   Left for Dead
  10.   Severed
  11.   All That's Left Is Blood
  12.   The Flame
  13.   Power Trip
  14.   Frozen in Time
  15.   Dead Inside
  16.   Crown of Phantoms
  17.   Stays The Same [B-side]
  18.   The Venom Inside
  19.   Coming Alive
  20.   Empire
  21.   Pray for All
  22.   Army of Me
  23.   The Dehumanizing Process
  24.   Sphere
  25.   Spineless
  26.   The Disappearing Sun
  27.   Impending Doom
  28.   Down Again
  29.   Lumps
  30.   Divination
  31.   Plastic Wonderland
  32.   On Broken Glass
  33.   Secrets of the Dead
  34.   Salvation
  35.   Pictures in the Gold Room
  36.   Let Go
  37.   Lend a Hand
  38.   This Present Darkness
  39.   Wrapped In Violence
  40.   Disposable Heroes
  41.   Destroy and Dominate
  42.   Black Heart
  43.   Killing the Beast
  44.   Six
  45.   Clayden
  46.   Lazarus
  47.   The Impossibility of Reason
  48.   Overlooked
  49.   Eyes of a Criminal
  50.   Crawl
  51.   Rizzo
  52.   Taste My...
  53.   Split (Video)
  54.   Pass Out of Existence
  55.   Painting the White to Grey
  56.   Love Soaked Death
  57.   Kings of the Shadow World
  58.   The Transmigration
  59.   I Despise
  60.   No Mercy
  61.   Paralyzed
  62.   Needle
  63.   End It All
  64.   No Reason to Live
  65.   Worthless
  66.   Threnody
  67.   Malignant
  68.   Inside the Horror
  69.   Implements of Destruction
  70.   Stigmurder
  71.   Jade
  72.   Abeo
  73.   Forced Life
  74.   The Machine
  75.   Warpath
  76.   Everything You Love
  77.   Indifferent to Suffering
  78.   Options
  79.   Bloodlust
  80.   The Heart of It All
  81.   Try to Survive
  82.   Wild Thing

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