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Originally known as the Chiodos Bros., the sextet better known as simply Chiodos (pronounced "chee-OH-dose") -- named after an obscure '80s horror movie term -- came together during high school in their hometown of Davison, MI, located just outside of Flint. Citing influences like Saves the Day, At the Drive-In, and Queen, the band's sound was a melting pot of punk energy, metal riffing, melodic instincts, piano tinkering, and occasional electronic beats that prevented an easy genre classification. Comprised of vocalist Craig Owens, keyboardist/vocalist Bradley Bell, guitarists Pat McManaman and Jason Hale, bassist Matt Goddard, and drummer Derrick Frost, the band recorded a demo, The Best Way to Ruin Your Life, in June 2002. The release, along with the band's energetic and powerful live show, helped bolster a notable local following. They next self-recorded and produced the seven-song The Heartless Control Everything in McManaman's bedroom, which was subsequently issued by Ann Arbor-based indie Search and Rescue in January 2003. Following the release, the guys hit the road hard, trekking across the nation seven times over, including shows with Yellowcard and Coheed & Cambria. All this activity and buzz eventually led to a 2004 signing with Equal Vision, which then released All's Well That Ends Well in July 2005. Chiodos stayed on the road and spent early 2006 playing Sub City's Take Action Tour and a successful spot at Bamboozle. A full summer's worth of shows got underway that May, including a handful of Warped Tour dates, before spending fall opening for heavy-hitters Atreyu. (Owens was also involved for a time in the rotating cast of musicians that made up the Sound of Animals Fighting.) Returning to the studio, this time with producer Casey Bates, the band titled their second full album Bone Palace Ballet after a book of poems by Charles Bukowski and released it in September 2007. It reached number five on the album charts, but Owens and Frost left the band shortly after. Third album Illuminaudio from 2010 featured vocals from Brandon Bolmer of Yesterdays Rising, and drumwork from Tanner Wayne of Underminded. Both were in the lineup only briefly, however, and by early 2012, Owens and Frost were back in the band. At the end of 2012, guitarist Hale announced he was leaving; his replacement was Thomas Erak, previously guitarist and vocalist for the Fall of Troy. Chiodos toured often during 2013, including signal spots on Great Britain's Kerrang! Tour and the Warped Tour across America. The band's fourth album Devil appeared in the spring of 2014, their first for Razor & Tie. It gained positive reviews, and debuted inside the Top 15 of the album charts. ~ Corey Apar
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  1.   Song
  2.   Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek
  3.   Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get
  4.   Love Is a Cat from Hell
  5.   Flagpole Sitta
  6.   The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge Is Unquenchable (The Final Battle)
  7.   Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses a Fork?
  8.   3 AM
  9.   Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now
  10.   Under Your Halo
  11.   The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined
  12.   I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard
  13.   If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink
  14.   I Am Everything That's Normal
  15.   Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels
  16.   Sunny Days & Hand Grenades
  17.   Who's Sandie Jenkins
  18.   Duct Tape
  19.   Notes in Constellations
  20.   Hey Zeus the Dungeon
  21.   Caves
  22.   A Letter from Janelle
  23.   Interlude, Pt. 2
  24.   The Lover and the Liar
  25.   Why the Munsters Matter
  26.   Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together
  27.   Stratovolcano Mouth
  28.   Scaremonger
  29.   Modern Wolf Hair
  30.   Let Us Burn One
  31.   Illuminaudio by Freqmachine
  32.   Closed Eyes Still Look Forward
  33.   ...and Then the Liver Sreamed "Help! "
  34.   Intensity in Ten Cities
  35.   Life Is a Perception of Your Own Reality (Album
  36.   Teeth the Size of Piano Keys
  37.   Lindsay Quit Lollygagging
  38.   Interlude, Pt. 1
  39.   All Nereids Beware
  40.   Prelude
  41.   Hathaway Lane
  42.   There's No Penguins in Alaska
  43.   Two Birds Stoned At Once
  44.   Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face)
  45.   To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything
  46.   Compromise of 1984
  47.   Love Is a Cat from Hell by Vic Fuentes
  48.   I'm Awkward & Unusual
  49.   Looking for a Tornado
  50.   Behvis Bullock
  51.   We're Talking About Practice
  52.   U.G. Introduction
  53.   His Story Repeats Itself
  54.   Smitten for the Mitten
  55.   We Swam from Albatross, The Day We Lost Kailey
  56.   Queen of Diamonds
  57.   We're Gonna Have Us a Champagne Jam
  58.   Expired in Goreville
  59.   One Day Women Will All Become Monsters
  60.   Rainclouds For Eyeballs
  61.   Ravishing Matt Ruth
  62.   Vacation To Hell
  63.   No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room
  64.   New Thought Movement
  65.   Bulls Have Horns
  66.   Bonus Material
  67.   [CD-Rom Track]
  68.   And Then The Liver Screamed Help
  69.   Where Is This Going
  70.   We're Diem
  71.   Hoodwinked
  72.   Dream Come True
  73.   Two Birds Stoned at Once [Album
  74.   A Letter from Janelle [Album
  75.   ...and Then the Liver Screamed "Help! " (Album
  76.   Smitten for the Mitten [Album
  77.   Intensity in Ten Cities [Album
  78.   The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge Is
  79.   A Letter from Janelle [Acoustic

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