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Chris Spheeris

New age composer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Spheeris began writing songs on his guitar as a teenager. Inspired by the sacred and folk music of his Greek heritage and other world music, classical music, and pop, Spheeris fused these elements together into his own unique musical style. The folk aspects of his music were prominent early in his career as part of a duo with guitarist/composer Paul Voudouris in the '70s and early '80s. After they disbanded, Spheeris began to create a more complex, keyboard-based sound, which he documented on self-produced demo tapes. One of these demos found its way to the A&R department at Columbia Records, with whom Spheeris signed a deal in 1985. The label released his debut album, Desires of the Heart, and Pathways to Surrender before he left in the early '90s to form his own label, Essence, which released most of his solo output and two reunions with Voudouris: Enchantment and Nothing but the Truth. Along with his solo albums, Spheeris has also composed scores for cable and public television documentaries. He released his Higher Octave Records debut, Dancing With the Muse, in early 2000. ~ Heather Phares
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Chris Spheeris

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Chris Spheeris

Top Songs by
Chris Spheeris

  1.   Song
  2.   Carino
  3.   Soulana
  4.   From Where They Fall
  5.   The Arrow
  6.   Lovers and Friends
  7.   Always by Luis Peralta
  8.   Stars
  9.   Lanilei
  10.   Afterimage
  11.   Innocent One
  12.   Remain in Motion
  13.   Shahzada
  14.   Aria
  15.   Psyche by Luis Peralta
  16.   Shasti
  17.   Bata
  18.   Elektra
  19.   Looking Back
  20.   Walk With Me
  21.   Pura Viva
  22.   Taiku by Paul Voudouris
  23.   Andalu
  24.   Viva
  25.   Juliette featuring Laurie Burke
  26.   Unnamed Peace
  27.   Quiver by Luis Peralta
  28.   Rite of Passage
  29.   Desires of the Heart
  30.   Invisible Hands
  31.   Voices of Faith
  32.   Seveness by Paul Voudouris
  33.   Bellaire by Paul Voudouris
  34.   In Violet Light
  35.   Ghali
  36.   Laguna by Paul Voudouris
  37.   Kradeesh
  38.   Sadoor
  39.   Lanotte by Paul Voudouris
  40.   Eros
  41.   Pavane by Paul Voudouris
  42.   Alegria by Luis Peralta
  43.   Playtime
  44.   Orlando
  45.   Margarita
  46.   Treasure of the Spirit
  47.   Slow Dance by Luis Peralta
  48.   Enchantment
  49.   Marionette
  50.   Mediterraneo by Luis Peralta
  51.   Narabi
  52.   Field of Tears
  53.   Magaya
  54.   Maya by Paul Voudouris
  55.   Allura
  56.   The Joy of This Longing
  57.   Surrender
  58.   Remember Me
  59.   Sapphire
  60.   Bombay
  61.   The New West
  62.   Midflight
  63.   Liquid Dream
  64.   Embrace
  65.   Culture
  66.   The Gathering
  67.   Where the Angels Fly
  68.   Dancing With the Muse
  69.   Aqualuna by Paul Voudouris

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