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Christopher Titus

One of the darkest comedians to ever land a television sitcom, Christopher Titus blurs the line between standup and monologues with his edgy yet accessible act. While growing up in Northern California he was shuttled between his divorced parents. According to Titus himself, his life lessons came in the form of "here's what NOT to do." While this dysfunctional upbringing would later be at the center of his one-man shows and his television series, he originally immersed himself in other characters by studying acting. Television roles and an appearance in the cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space paid the bills while Titus focused on his standup act. Talk show appearances also led up to his big break when in 1998 he premiered his one-man show, Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding, in Los Angeles. The show earned rave reviews, successfully toured, and became a television special in 2004 when it was aired on the cable network Showtime. His television show Titus was loosely based on Bleeding and aired on the Fox network for three seasons beginning in 2000. In late 2006 he toured Iraq, playing to the American troops stationed there and meeting numerous servicemen. His interaction with the soldiers was just one of the sobering topics covered in his 2007 CD for Comedy Central, The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour. The label documented his Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding show a year later with a CD, while his new, breakup-themed show, Love Is Evol, would arrive on the label in 2009. Neverlution! followed in 2011, with Titus rallying against the apathetic “Text Nation” (aka the "U.S. of American Idol”). ~ David Jeffries
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Garage Incident
  3.   My Side of the Story
  4.   Neverlution
  5.   Dad
  6.   English Batman
  7.   Pedophile Crucifixions
  8.   Wait, Wait, Wait
  9.   These Countries That Hate Us
  10.   The DMV Incident
  11.   Last Husband
  12.   Inner Idiot
  13.   Her Dad
  14.   Mental
  15.   The Tightie Whitey Incident
  16.   Normal vs. Screwed Up
  17.   What Men Hate
  18.   Brilliant Douchebag
  19.   It Doesn't Work
  20.   I Suck as a Parent
  21.   Kill Titus
  22.   Anti-Dad
  23.   Boob Job
  24.   Step Up
  25.   Our First Date
  26.   Dad's Last Wish
  27.   New Year's Dinner
  28.   The World
  29.   Baby Doctor Mengele
  30.   Two Hour Revolution
  31.   63%
  32.   Bad Kid
  33.   Space Shuttle
  34.   Too Smart
  35.   Fist Fight
  36.   Our President
  37.   Our Troops
  38.   The Divorce
  39.   My Father's Funeral & The Casino Incident
  40.   Terrorism is Over
  41.   Check Point
  42.   Bon Fire
  43.   Insanity Genetic
  44.   My Wife
  45.   The Viper Incident
  46.   The Tako Incident
  47.   What Are You Looking At?
  48.   Sergeant Pepper
  49.   Water Skiing
  50.   The Supermarket Incident
  51.   U.S. of American Idol
  52.   Sweet Willie's
  53.   Love
  54.   I Killed a Baby
  55.   Jealousy and the Mall
  56.   I Was a Teenage Darth Vader
  57.   Text Nation
  58.   If You've Never Thought of Suicide
  59.   The Ceiling Fan Incident
  60.   Leave
  61.   Whitey
  62.   Mideast Women
  63.   Crazy Makes You Crazy
  64.   Damage
  65.   Last Girlfriend
  66.   August 25th, 2001
  67.   The Birth
  68.   Spouse-Icide
  69.   God's Will
  70.   Conceived
  71.   Mom and Dad
  72.   The Word "Retard"
  73.   Drug Nation