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Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings' prolific lo-fi pop is the brainchild of Dylan Baldi, a Cleveland, Ohio native who was still in his teens when the buzz about his music started. Baldi was majoring in audio recording at college when he dropped out to focus on the music he was making at home. After a few months, he uploaded the songs "Hey Cool Kid" and "Whaddaya Wanna Know" to his MySpace page, which led to gigs with Woods and Real Estate, and 2010 singles released via Group Tightener and Old Flame Records. That year, Cloud Nothings also released a split cassette with Campfires and the Turning On EP. On the strength of all this music, Baldi signed to Carpark in the U.S. and to Wichita Records in the U.K.; Turning On was reissued with selected tracks from his other singles. Along with dates with Wavves, Titus Andronicus, and Best Coast, Baldi began work on Cloud Nothings' full-length debut in Baltimore, Maryland's Copycat Building studio with producer Chester Gwazda. The results of those sessions became Cloud Nothings, which arrived in January 2011. Later that year, Baldi and his band went into the studio with Steve Albini; the result of these sessions was 2012's much rawer, heavier Attack on Memory. That July, the Live @ the Grog Shop EP, which captured a particularly blistering set from Cloud Nothings' tour, was released. Following the completion of their heavy touring schedule, Baldi took some time to put the finishing touches on new material. Soon after, the band headed into a Hoboken, New Jersey studio with producer John Congleton to lay down tracks for the trio's fourth album, Here and Nowhere Else, which arrived in 2014. That year, Baldi collaborated with Wavves' Nathan Williams on No Life for Me, a split album released by Williams' Ghost Ramp label in 2015. Cloud Nothings returned with new music in 2017. Life Without Sound was a more polished-sounding set recorded in El Paso, Texas with producer John Goodmanson. ~ Heather Phares
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Cloud Nothings

Top Songs by
Cloud Nothings

  1.   Song
  2.   Stay Useless
  3.   Wasted Days
  4.   No Future/No Past
  5.   Fall In
  6.   Enter Entirely
  7.   Internal World
  8.   Modern Act
  9.   Our Plans
  10.   I'm Not Part of Me
  11.   Hey Cool Kid
  12.   Psychic Trauma
  13.   Understand at All
  14.   Turning On
  15.   Strummin'
  16.   Now Hear In
  17.   Even If It Worked Out
  18.   I Am Rooftop
  19.   Didn't You
  20.   My Little Raygun
  21.   No Thoughts
  22.   I Know (You're All Done With Me)
  23.   Should Have
  24.   Rock
  25.   Been Through
  26.   You Are Opening
  27.   Can't Stay Awake
  28.   Forget You All the Time
  29.   Water Turns Back
  30.   Pattern Walks
  31.   You Were Scared
  32.   Nothing's Wrong
  33.   Morgan
  34.   No Sentiment
  35.   Separation
  36.   For No Reason
  37.   Real Thing
  38.   Just See Fear
  39.   Quieter Today
  40.   Heartbeat
  41.   Weird Son
  42.   You're Not That Good at Anything
  43.   Old Street
  44.   Giving Into Seeing
  45.   Whaddya Wanna Know
  46.   Cut You
  47.   On the Radio
  48.   Talk To Me
  49.   Another Man
  50.   Not Important
  51.   Leave You Forever
  52.   All the Time
  53.   I Can't Stay Awake
  54.   Untitled I by Wavves
  55.   How It's Gonna Go by Wavves
  56.   Come Down by Wavves
  57.   Hard to Find by Wavves
  58.   Untitled II by Wavves
  59.   Nervous by Wavves
  60.   No Life for Me by Wavves
  61.   Such a Drag by Wavves
  62.   Nothing Hurts by Wavves

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