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Cobra Skulls

The hard-edged and rapid-fire punk rock of Reno, Nevada's Cobra Skulls was born in January 2004. Drummer Chad Cleveland, singer and bassist Devin Peralta, and guitarist Charlie Parker had met a few years prior while they were students at the University of Nevada, and in time, they banded together around a shared love of groups like 7 Seconds, NOFX and Bad Religion. The Eat Your Babies demo arrived first before the guys split a seven-inch in 2006 with local crew Beercan! on Humaniterrorist Records. That same year, the band also issued an EP entitled Draw Muhammad, and that record, coupled with frequent gigs around town, had Cobra Skulls starting to turn a few heads in local dives. Ultimately, they caught the ear of Red Scare Industries, who signed them up in early 2007 and by mid-year issued their debut full-length, Sitting Army, which proved to be an aggressive and incisive display of punk fervor that mixed the sounds of Against Me! and the Living End with the Clash and TSOL. Second guitarist Adam Beck was added during subsequent supporting tour dates, including shows with bands like the Loved Ones and the aforementioned Against Me!. ~ Corey Apar
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Cobra Skulls

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Cobra Skulls

  1.   Song
  2.   Solastalgia
  3.   Cobra Skulls at the Top of Your Lungs
  4.   Hiding
  5.   Internal War
  6.   Walk Away
  7.   I Want Bigger Cobra Skulls
  8.   The Mockery
  9.   The Minimum
  10.   Now You Know
  11.   Believe
  12.   Life In Vain
  13.   ¡Hasta Los Cobra Skulls Siempre!
  14.   Thicker Than Water
  15.   Hot Sand
  16.   If You Want Me To
  17.   Six Degrees
  18.   Drones
  19.   Give You Nothing
  20.   Ode to Jefferson
  21.   Eagle Eyes
  22.   Iron Lung
  23.   The Decider
  24.   Doomsday Parade
  25.   The Mess
  26.   Ice In the Night
  27.   All Drive
  28.   No Puede Mas
  29.   Running Out
  30.   On & On
  31.   Cobra Skulls in D Minor
  32.   Shame on the Cobra
  33.   Use Your Cobra Skulls
  34.   Charming the Cobra
  35.   Don't Count Your Cobras Before They Hatch
  36.   The Cobra and the Man-Whore
  37.   Faith Is a Cobra
  38.   Cobracoustic
  39.   Cobra Skullifornia
  40.   Cobra Skulls Jukebox
  41.   Cobra Skulls Graveyard
  42.   Cobra Skulls Lockdown
  43.   Anybody Scene My Cobra?
  44.   I'll Always Be a Cobra Skull (Fuck Off!)
  45.   Agree to Disagree
  46.   Back to the Youth
  47.   Bad Apples
  48.   Dead Inside
  49.   Exponential Times
  50.   H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under the Influence)
  51.   I Used to Like Them When They Put Cobra in the Titles
  52.   Muniphobia
  53.   One Day I'll Never
  54.   Overpopulated
  55.   Problems with Preconceptions
  56.   Rebel Fate
  57.   There's a Skeleton in My Military Industrial Closet
  58.   Time and Pressure
  59.   Timing
  60.   Willful State of Denial

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