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Three years after his departure from Phantom Planet, musician/actor Jason Schwartzman returned to L.A.'s pop-loving circles with the solo project Coconut Records. Schwartzman had launched Phantom Planet in 1994 and served as the band's drummer for nearly a decade, simultaneously furthering his acting career with roles in Rushmore, CQ, Slackers, S1m0ne, and Spun. The offers increased once he left Phantom Planet's lineup in 2003, but Schwartzman nevertheless had trouble shaking music from his system. With Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger serving as producer, he decamped to Malibu during the summer of 2006 to record Nighttiming, handling most of the vocal and instrumental duties himself while granting cameos to a slew of fellow actors and musicians (including Kirsten Dunst, Zooey Deschanel, Brandon Boyd, Ben Kenney, and brother Robert Carmine). The album was released early the following year on Young Baby Records, with the initial copies containing Polaroid photos taken by Schwartzman himself. ~ Andrew Leahey
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Coconut Records

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Coconut Records

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Coconut Records

  1.   Song
  2.   West Coast
  3.   It's Christmas
  4.   The Summer
  5.   Wires
  6.   Is This Sound Okay?
  7.   Friends All Around
  8.   Drummer
  9.   Into Juarez
  10.   El Hombre de Cabra
  11.   I Got It
  12.   No Answer
  13.   Leaving Home
  14.   Goodnight
  15.   IGP Down Low
  16.   Summer Day
  17.   I Am Young
  18.   Slowly
  19.   Its Not You It's Me
  20.   Back to You
  21.   Bored to Death
  22.   Ask Her to Dance
  23.   Frank's Song
  24.   Courtyard
  25.   The Girl
  26.   Minding My Own Business
  27.   Punched Nose
  28.   Nighttiming
  29.   Track Meetings
  30.   The Hills of Tucson
  31.   Saint Jerome
  32.   Wandering Around
  33.   Mama
  34.   This Old Machine
  35.   The Thanks I Get
  36.   Snowflakes
  37.   Before it Began
  38.   Sync Queen
  39.   Welcome Home
  40.   Any Fun
  41.   Dakota
  42.   Up Off Your Back
  43.   Crystal Wendy Likes
  44.   School is Back
  45.   First Day Of
  46.   Easy Girl
  47.   Microphone

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