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Cody ChesnuTT

For Cody ChesnuTT, life in the music business looked promising from the start. Barely into his teens, he was performing on-stage in his Atlanta hometown, opening for acts that his dad was representing as their manager. By the time he'd hit his late twenties, ChesnuTT was leading his own group, the Crosswalk, and had inked a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Venus Loves a Melody, his first full-length album, was wrapped up and ready to go. Before that could happen, however, the label released ChesnuTT from the deal. Not long after, the Crosswalk disbanded. Disheartened, ChesnuTT pulled back and holed up in his bedroom, where he wrote and recorded for himself. In two years, he laid down more than enough material for a standard album. Three-dozen songs formed his double-disc 2002 debut, The Headphone Masterpiece. Later that year, he collaborated with the Roots for an alternate version of his "The Seed" -- dubbed "The Seed (2.0)" -- for the rap band's Phrenology album. While it seemed like ChesnuTT would continue to release music at a prolific rate, the follow-up to his debut was a December 2006 EP, Black Skin No Value. Also during this period, his wife gave birth to two children and the singer wanted time to focus on being a father. Subsequently, ChesnuTT didn't release a second album until October 2012, when the sophisticated Landing on a Hundred appeared on One Little Indian. A much more robustly produced, yet still organic album, it found ChesnuTT drawing heavily upon Marvin Gaye's classic late-'60s/early-'70s sound. Over the next several years, ChesnuTT continued to split his time between touring and taking time off to be with his family. In 2017, he returned with the Anthony "Twilite Tone" Kahn-produced My Love Divine Degree. The album found him better balancing his early lo-fi sound with a dynamic, stylistically varied approach to contemporary R&B. Featured on the album was the single "Image of Love." ~ Linda Seida
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Cody ChesnuTT

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Cody ChesnuTT

  1.   Song
  2.   What Kind of Cool (Will We Think of Next)
  3.   'Til I Met Thee
  4.   6 Seconds
  5.   What Does Freedom Mean (To a Free Man)
  6.   Look Good in Leather
  7.   Smoke and Love
  8.   Boils
  9.   If We Don't Disagree
  10.   Where Is All the Money Going
  11.   Image of Love
  12.   Setting the System
  13.   She's Still Here
  14.   Chips Down (In No Landfill)
  15.   Serve This Royalty
  16.   Shine on the Mic
  17.   Sense Of You ('Til I Met Thee)
  18.   Under the Spell of the Handout
  19.   Love Is More Than a Wedding Day
  20.   Do Better To The Young
  21.   When I Find Time
  22.   Somebody's Parent
  23.   My Women, My Guitars
  24.   The Make Up
  25.   Batman vs. Blackman
  26.   The Most Beautiful Shame
  27.   Upstarts in a Blowout
  28.   Magic in a Mortal Minute
  29.   Can We Teach Each Other
  30.   The World Is Coming to My Party
  31.   Africa the Future
  32.   Anything Can Happen
  33.   The Average Working Man
  34.   Let's Go POP (Let's Pimp The Ghetto Lie)
  35.   Scroll Call
  36.   Black Skin No Value
  37.   With Me in Mind
  38.   5 on a Joyride
  39.   Family on Blast
  40.   Brother With an Ego
  41.   Everybody's Brother
  42.   Can't Get No Betta
  43.   Listen
  44.   Enough of Nothing
  45.   She Ran Away
  46.   Michelle
  47.   It's in the Love
  48.   No One Will
  49.   This Green Leaf
  50.   Out of Nowhere
  51.   Don't Wanna Go the Other Way
  52.   Daylight
  53.   Juicin' the Dark
  54.   The Seed
  55.   Don't Follow Me
  56.   War Between the Sexes
  57.   I Stay Ready
  58.   So Sad to See (A Lost Generation)
  59.   Experiment Number One
  60.   Peace (Side-by-Side)
  61.   Bullets in the Street and Blood by Raphael Saadiq
  62.   Always Sebrena
  63.   Make a Better Man
  64.   Bitch, I'm Broke
  65.   Up in the Treehouse
  66.   To Be Upon The Perch
  67.   Have You Heard Anything from the Lord Today
  68.   Boylife in America
  69.   Eric Burdon
  70.   Daddy's Baby
  71.   So Much Beauty in the Subconscious
  72.   Gunpowder On The Letter by Gary Clark, Jr.
  73.   The Quiet Girl Who Eats Alone
  74.   That's Still Mama
  75.   I've Been Life

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