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Jacksonville, Florida-based alternative metal outfit Cold started out by sharing the aesthetic of another Florida band, Limp Bizkit. Both groups favored technically complex, bleak, and brutal metal that merged elements of Jane's Addiction, Metallica, and Tool. The Bizkit actually discovered Cold playing in the Jacksonville area and helped them sign to the A&M subsidiary Flip. Cold's eponymous debut album was released in the summer of 1998, and through constant touring, the combo earned a devoted following. Their sophomore effort 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage appeared two years later, and Year of the Spider in 2003. By this point, Cold was moving steadily away from the Limp Bizkit model in favor of a moodier sound suggestive of Staind. On Spider, the hit single "Stupid Girl" was an example of this. (Interestingly, "Stupid Girl" was co-written by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo.) Despite Year of the Spider doing well with rock fans, Geffen soured on Cold in the midst of promotion for the album. Being dropped from the label led to internal strife. Guitarist Kelly Hayes departed, guitarist Terry Balsamo left to join Evanescence, and drummer Sam McCandless and vocalist Scooter Ward were left high and dry. Then a family member of Ward's became ill, and the future of Cold looked bleak. However, the band endured. They signed a new deal with Lava/Atlantic, and issued Different Kind of Pain in August 2005. By this point, Cold's lineup included Ward, McCandless, guitarists Matt Loughran and Mike Booth, and bassist Jeremy Marshall. After the release of A Different Kind of Pain, the band parted ways in 2006, with Ward and McCandless launching a band that became the Killer and the Star. By the time the Killer and the Star released their debut album in 2009, Cold's original lineup had reunited. They mounted a tour in 2009, then set about recording a new album, Superfiction, which was released in the summer of 2011. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Stupid Girl
  3.   Wicked World
  4.   No One
  5.   Just Got Wicked
  6.   End of the World
  7.   Suffocate
  8.   Bleed
  9.   When Angels Fly Away
  10.   Happens All the Time
  11.   The Break
  12.   A Different Kind of Pain
  13.   Remedy
  14.   Cure My Tragedy (A Letter to God)
  15.   It's All Good
  16.   Another Pill
  17.   Sad Happy
  18.   Change the World
  19.   Don't Belong
  20.   Feel It in Your Heart
  21.   Go Away
  22.   The Crossroads
  23.   Emily
  24.   Black Sunday
  25.   Whatever You Became
  26.   She Said
  27.   Makes Her Sick
  28.   The Switch
  29.   Strip Her Down
  30.   The Ballad of the Nameless
  31.   So Long June
  32.   Delivering the Saint
  33.   When Heaven's Not Far Away
  34.   Anatomy of a Tidal Wave
  35.   Back Home
  36.   The Day Seattle Died
  37.   Rain Song
  38.   Outerspace
  39.   Anti-Love Song
  40.   Serial Killer
  41.   Confession
  42.   Welcome2myworld
  43.   American Dream
  44.   Tell Me Why
  45.   Kill the Music Industry
  46.   Wasted Years
  47.   Sick of Man
  48.   Witch
  49.   Same Drug
  50.   Send in the Clowns
  51.   Give
  52.   What Happens Now
  53.   The Park
  54.   Flight of the Superstar
  55.   Insane
  56.   Ocean
  57.   God's Song
  58.   Superstar
  59.   Goodbye Cruel World
  60.   Ugly
  61.   Oxigene 8
  62.   Everyone Dies
  63.   Disgregation
  64.   Lull
  65.   Perilous Nation
  66.   Ghost in Here
  67.   Bizarre
  68.   Gone Away
  69.   [DVD]
  70.   Summernight
  71.   Blame
  72.   Space Oddity
  73.   Cold Talks with Freak of WRCX
  74.   Sorrow
  75.   Strobe Light Network
  76.   Last Time
  77.   Crossfade

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