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Cold Cave

Cold Cave's collage of darkwave, noise, and synth pop is the project of Wes Eisold, formerly the singer for hardcore bands Some Girls and Give Up the Ghost and also of the more electronically inclined XO Skeletons and Ye Olde Maids. Eisold began moving away from hardcore in an attempt to make music entirely by himself; unable to play guitar, he began playing with vintage synths and effects pedals, crafting songs that ranged from harsh to romantic (often within the same track). Eisold released Cold Cave's debut album, the demo collection Coma Potion, in 2008 via his own publisher/label Heartworm Press as a limited edition of 100 copies. Later that year he issued a pair of EPs, The Trees Grew Emotions and Died on Dais and Painted Nails on Hospital. Cold Cave was even more prolific in 2009, with the project's first official full-length, Love Comes Close, arriving along with the singles Etsel & Ruby and The Laurels of Erotomania, the limited-edition cassettes Electronic Dreams and Stars Explode, and the collection Cremations. Cold Cave also played that year's No Fun Festival with a lineup that included former Xiu Xiu member Caralee McElroy, Prurient's Dominick Fernow, and Heartworm Press co-manager Max G. Morton. For 2011's more expansive and polished Cherish the Light Years, Eisold collaborated with Fernow once again as well as keyboardist/vocalist Jennifer Clavin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner, and former Chavez member Matt Sweeney on bass. After leaving Matador, Eisold released a series of Cold Cave singles and EPs via Heartworm and Deathwish Inc., starting with October 2012's "A Little Death to Laugh" and culminating a year later with the digital-only single "Nausea, the Earth and Me." These songs were collected as Full Cold Moon, which Heartworm released in 2014. Along with his bands and label/publishing house, Eisold also runs the bookstore and art space Juanita & Juan's. ~ Heather Phares
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Cold Cave

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Cold Cave

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Cold Cave

  1.   Song
  2.   Life Magazine
  3.   Love Comes Close
  4.   Youth and Lust
  5.   Confetti
  6.   Underworld USA
  7.   Rainbow Girls
  8.   A Little Death To Laugh
  9.   I've Seen the Future and It's No Place For Me
  10.   Love You Forever
  11.   Pacing Around the Church
  12.   Love Lets Go
  13.   The Laurels of Erotomania
  14.   Theme From Tomorrowland
  15.   E Dreams
  16.   Heaven Was Full
  17.   In a Cave
  18.   The Trees Grew Emotions and Died
  19.   Tristen Corbière
  20.   Villains Of The Moon
  21.   The Great Pan Is Dead
  22.   Alchemy and You
  23.   Swallow the Sun
  24.   Poison Berries
  25.   First Fit
  26.   Sex Ads
  27.   Hello Rats
  28.   Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance
  29.   Icons of Summer
  30.   Catacombs
  31.   Now That I'm In The Future
  32.   Cursed By the Cross
  33.   Gates
  34.   Roman Skirts
  35.   Heavenly Metals
  36.   An Understanding
  37.   Always Someone
  38.   Cebe and Me
  39.   Mag Dreams
  40.   Hummingbirds
  41.   Chrissie Sally
  42.   Of All the Summer Murders
  43.   Burning Sage
  44.   I.C.D.K.
  45.   Double Lives In Single Beds
  46.   Bottled in Cork by Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
  47.   Tristan Corbière
  48.   Oceans with No End
  49.   People are Poison
  50.   Black Boots
  51.   Meaningful Life
  52.   God Made the World
  53.   Dandelion
  54.   Nausea, the Earth and Me
  55.   Don't Blow Up the Moon
  56.   Beaten 1979

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