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Louisville, Kentucky-based punk band Coliseum was formed in 2003 by singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson. Named after a legendary Sunn amplifier, Coliseum blended early punk and socially aware hardcore, recording their debut album mere months after forming. Following its release in the summer of 2004, they quickly established a tireless work ethic, playing well over 100 tour dates and recording their follow-up single and EP in their first year. By 2006, they had toured Europe, and their sound had expanded to include more rock and melodic post-hardcore elements. Coliseum signed to Relapse Records to release their second LP, 2007's No Salvation, and over the next few years toured hard, circling the globe with tours across North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan with a variety of bands like Rise Against, Napalm Death, Torche, and many others. They signed with Temporary Residence to release 2010's House with a Curse and 2013's Sister Faith. Their ever-evolving sound and lineup, which always featured Patterson at the helm, settled into a classic power trio featuring Kayhan Vaziri on bass and Carter Wilson on drums. Their fifth album, Anxiety's Kiss, arrived via the Deathwish label in 2015, and the band's sonic explorations continued with added industrial, synth, and post-punk elements. ~ Timothy Monger
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dark Light of Seduction
  3.   No Benefit
  4.   Sunlight in a Snowstorm
  5.   F.F.P.
  6.   Profetas
  7.   Driver at Dusk
  8.   Drums & Amplifiers
  9.   Course Correction
  10.   One Last Night
  11.   Cloaked In Red by Burning Love
  12.   Claim Control
  13.   Perimeter Man by Burning Love
  14.   Ride on Death Riders
  15.   Give Up and Drive
  16.   Seven Cities
  17.   Fall of the Pigs
  18.   Children of Our Own Creation
  19.   No Salvation
  20.   Introduction
  21.   Believer
  22.   White Religion
  23.   The Fate of Men
  24.   Head Down & Burn
  25.   Born To Hang
  26.   Turn to Dust
  27.   Miracle Cure
  28.   Year of the Pig
  29.   Set It Straight
  30.   The Simple Answer Is...
  31.   Mire
  32.   Ghost of God
  33.   Dehumanize
  34.   Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh
  35.   Blood of the Beasts
  36.   Wrong/Goodbye
  37.   Skeleton Smile by Burning Love
  38.   Punk/Money by Burning Love
  39.   Skyline Fucker
  40.   Escape Yr Skull
  41.   Children of Own Creation
  42.   Pretty Situation
  43.   Waiting (Too Late)
  44.   Hostage of Privilege
  45.   The Burden
  46.   Theme
  47.   Comedown
  48.   Interceptor
  49.   Give Up the Ghost
  50.   Detached
  51.   Judy is a Punk
  52.   Am I Demon (Danzig)
  53.   Out Put Phone
  54.   The Fiery Eye
  55.   Shake It Off
  56.   Defeater
  57.   Gone With the Pope
  58.   Man Was Never Meant To Fly by Burning Love
  59.   Statuary by Burning Love
  60.   I Don't Care About You
  61.   In Time
  62.   Everything To Everyone
  63.   Crime and the City
  64.   This Mind Locked Inside This Body
  65.   This Mind
  66.   Funeral Line
  67.   American Machine
  68.   Blind In One Eye
  69.   Burn Out Bright
  70.   Isela Vega by Burning Love
  71.   The Big Baby
  72.   We Are the Water
  73.   Lost In Groningen by Burning Love
  74.   Skyline F*cker
  75.   Nterceptor
  76.   Disappear From Sight
  77.   Last/Lost
  78.   Doing Time
  79.   Love Under Will
  80.   Under the Blood of the Moon
  81.   Used Blood
  82.   Late Night Trains
  83.   Everything In Glass
  84.   Black Magic Punks
  85.   Save Everything
  86.   Bad Will
  87.   Sister Faith
  88.   Fuzzbang
  89.   1000 Cannons in Front of Vaticano
  90.   Enter the Coliseum
  91.   I Hate Them All
  92.   Matilha 45
  93.   Why Don't You Laugh Now Bastards